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May 19, 2024 |

Elevating Cybersecurity for macOS with Huntress EDR

Huntress expands its endpoint protection to MSP customers running macOS. Read about the key benefits for MSPs and their customers.

Huntress expands its endpoint protection to MSP customers running macOS.

Cybersecurity in today’s world transcends being a mere option for businesses—it’s an absolute necessity. In response to the escalating landscape of cyber threats, Huntress is broadening the scope of its acclaimed Managed Endpoint Detection and Response service in early May. This expansion is specifically designed to meet the needs of MSPs and will now encompass the rapidly evolving field of macOS threats.

At present, roughly 22% of devices used in business operate on macOS, and some experts forecast that it could become the leading operating system by 2030. Concurrently, there’s been a rise in the distinct threats aimed at macOS. Industry specialists have observed a doubling in macOS malware incidents from 2023 to 2024, with expectations for this trend to persist into 2025.

“Unfortunately, there still exists a false sense of security within the macOS community. Research shows that nearly 57% of users believe that malware doesn’t exist on Macs or that antivirus software is enough to protect their systems,” said Wes Hutcherson, Director of Product Marketing at Huntress.

Acknowledging this concerning trend, Huntress has purpose built its Managed EDR solution for macOS to counteract these distinctive threats. By integrating advanced detection technologies with a team of experts trained in hunting macOS threats, Huntress provides a strategic solution for organizations facing growing cybersecurity challenges.


FOR MSPs’ Customers:

✓  Built native for macOS

✓  Unparalleled threat insight

✓  macOS-Trained Threat Hunters

✓  False positive reduction

✓  Timely threat remediation

✓  Evolution of macOS protection


✓  Reduction of administrative burden

✓  Super expansion and holistic security solutions

✓  Competitive edge in the market

✓  Strengthened client confidence and loyalty

✓  Superior threat protection

✓  Efficiency in security management

✓  Enhanced security posture for clients

✓  Operational relief for MSPs

✓  Access to macOS security expertise

A Game Changer for MSPs With Growing macOS Users

Huntress EDR for macOS emerges at a time when a specialized solution is critically needed for MSPs seeking to offer comprehensive EDR service for both Windows and macOS heavy sectors.

While other solutions exist, gaining visibility into macOS is different due to several privacy implications, Hutcherson explained. Fighting those threats involves looking at where cyberattacks are going to bypass prevention, detecting the unique malware that targets macOS, and then having the capability to hunt down and contain these threats quickly.

The Huntress teams took the time to develop the solution per Apple’s recommended standards, added Huntress macOS Researcher Stuart Ashenbrenner.

“The approach we took was tapping into Apple’s Endpoint Security API. Whether it’s process-type attacks, file-based attacks, network attacks … In a lot of ways, you can consolidate your resources as far as monitoring for threats to those.”

Huntress went beyond merely ticking a box to claim macOS support, instead, diligently developing a solution that empowers MSPs and their clients with effective protection. This not only safeguards MSPs’ clients but also bolsters their standing as reliable advisors and enhances their suite of services.

Huntress’ Commitment to Innovation

As cyber threats evolve, so, too, will Huntress EDR for macOS. “Our dedication to innovation and improvement is unwavering,” Hutcherson emphasized.

Huntress EDR for macOS is shifting the tide when it comes to cybersecurity for MSPs. By offering a solution that marries advanced technology with human expertise, Huntress addresses a critical market need while empowering MSPs to expand their services, Hutcherson concluded.

As the digital landscape grows more complex, there’s a major need for forward thinking and comprehensive cybersecurity solutions. For MSPs looking to elevate their security game and safeguard their clients against potential cyberattacks, Huntress EDR for macOS stands out as an essential tool in their arsenal.

Learn more about Huntress Managed Endpoint Security: Try Huntress for free.

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Huntress Labs

Huntress Labs is a leading provider of advanced threat detection and actionable cybersecurity intelligence for Managed Service Providers (MSPs), small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs), and enterprises.

Huntress Labs

Huntress Labs is a leading provider of advanced threat detection and actionable cybersecurity intelligence for Managed Service Providers (MSPs), small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs), and enterprises.

Huntress has pioneered an effective and affordable method to address threats at a layer that is often overlooked—footholds that are indicative of malicious activity on customer endpoints. By providing expert analysis and actionable insights based on investigation into those activities, Huntress enables corporate IT teams to quickly resolve incidents. With Huntress, MSPs can reduce cybersecurity response labor, retain and grow their client base, and differentiate themselves from the competition.

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