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May 2, 2024 |

Integrating Sales and Marketing: Key Strategies for MSPs from Kam Kalia

IT By Design’s dynamic president challenges the MSP community to invest more in sales and marketing.

Kam Kaila has earned a built-in audience wherever she goes — including at the 2024 Robin Robins Sales & Marketing Bootcamp.

The president and chief community officer of IT By Design (ITBD has significantly contributed to the company’s growth and branding on a global scale since joining in 2005. ChannelPro’s Jonathan Browning (pictured) caught up with Kaila during the event in Tennessee to talk about her ways that sales and marketing can energize MSP growth.

The Underpinning Philosophy

Whether she’s leading a breakout session or just chatting with MSPs at her booth, Kalia emphasizes the importance of investing in marketing to build a robust brand identity. “Marketing is the most underfunded department in many MSPs,” she noted, yet it is critical for generating leads and enabling sales success.

Kam Kaila of IT By Design

Kam Kaila

Kaila also stressed the necessity of building a strong brand as the foundation before pushing sales. “If you build a good brand, people will refer you and existing customers will stay,” she shared.

Effective brand building is often said to requires three things:

  1. An honest assessment of the business’ identity.
  2. An understanding of what differentiates the organization from the competition.
  3. A clear, consistent approach to explaining the first two things.

“You need to be intentional about how you share your brand with the world. Your colors, fonts, themes, branding, website — even making sure that even your marketing collateral has the same voice. All of that is important,” Kaila emphasized. “Our customers laugh and say, ‘We can hear your voice in the emails.’ That’s our brand, and something we have worked hard to foster.”

One frequently overlooked opportunity for brand development is customer service. IT By Design bills itself as a master managed services provider, providing outsourced IT talent and services such as help desk. “Developing your workforce is a brand exercise,” Kalia explained. Every team member is a brand ambassador, and no matter how technically savvy an engineer might be, their attitude and behavior contribute to or hinders their employer’s brand.

What’s a Reasonable Spend?

Although the fears of overinvesting in any one area of a business is reasonable, successful MSPs say that skimping on sales and marketing is a mistake. In many cases, small, infrequent spending and inconsistent communication efforts are a waste of time and money, and can be worse than taking no action at all.

Kalia suggests allocating 16% of total business expenditures to sales and marketing — 8% for each function. This budgeting ensures adequate funding and signifies the importance of balancing these two crucial areas.

One of Kaila’s key strategies is fostering a collaborative environment between sales and marketing teams. She advocates for shared goals and objectives, where both teams work under a unified leadership — potentially a director of revenue or a chief revenue officer. This alignment helps ensure that both teams are not only accountable but also work towards a common revenue target, making the organization’s goals more attainable.

But having a single sales and marketing budget can be a mistake, according to Kalia. Lead nurturing is a long-term investment, while the immediacy and visibility of big wins gives sales more perceived value.


Kalia’s approach at IT By Design exemplifies how strategically aligning sales and marketing can lead to greater efficiency and success in the tech services sector. Her emphasis on budgeting, collaborative goals, and the primacy of branding offers a blueprint that MSPs can adopt and customize.

For MSPs looking to refine their strategies, following Kalia’s advice could mean the difference between stagnation and growth. It takes planning, focus, and spending — and the results can be overwhelmingly positive.

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