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April 29, 2024 |

N-able CMO Shares How MSPs can Evolve and Succeed in the Dynamic IT Services Industry

“It’s about building trust through relationships and tailored content that addresses specific client challenges.”

ChannelPro Vice President and Associate Publisher Joel Zaidspiner sat down with N-able Chief Marketing Officer Jeff Nulsen during the N-able Empower conference earlier this year to talk shop. Nulsen offered advice on how MSPs can leverage industry events and more to bolster their efforts to promote services and grow operations.

Zaidspiner: How is N-able enhancing the MSP experience, particularly through marketing?

Nulsen: The Empower event is a core part of our strategy. We intentionally keep this event small and focused — 500 of the top MSPs join us to gain actionable insights. We plan this a year in advance to ensure we’re providing content that translates into real business growth. It’s all about understanding the specific roles within MSP businesses, from owners to technicians, and providing peer-driven insights and solutions.

Zaidspiner: How do you ensure these insights are applicable to the daily operations of an MSP?

Nulsen: We designed the event around small group interactions and case studies. This format allows MSPs to engage deeply with the content and directly apply what they learn to their own business models. It’s about creating a community where MSPs can learn from each other’s experiences and challenges.

Jeff Nulsen of N-able

Jeff Nulsen

Zaidspiner: With technology evolving rapidly, how does N-able help MSPs stay ahead, particularly in marketing and sales?

Nulsen: Our approach includes a mix of data-driven insights and qualitative experiences. For example, our Beyond the Horizons report offers a deep dive into market trends and growth opportunities, like cybersecurity. But beyond just data, we focus on real-world applications — how MSPs can effectively package, price, and market these services to their clients.

Zaidspiner: For smaller MSPs, particularly those in the early stages of growth, what strategies would you recommend for effective marketing?

Nulsen: Smaller MSPs need to start by defining their ideal customer profile. This could be based on industry, geography, or company size. Understanding your target market deeply allows you to tailor your offerings and craft messages that resonate. For instance, if you serve financial clients, your solutions need to address specific regulatory and compliance needs, which sets you apart and enhances your value proposition.

Zaidspiner: Looking forward, where are the biggest opportunities for MSPs?

Nulsen: Post-COVID, there’s a significant shift back to community and personal engagement. We believe in the power of face-to-face interactions in understanding and meeting customer needs. For MSPs, participating in local associations and events can be a game changer. It’s about building trust through relationships and tailored content that addresses specific client challenges.

Zaidspiner: Finally, any advice for MSPs looking to innovate in their marketing efforts?

Nulsen: The key is experimentation. Don’t be afraid to try new strategies but do so in a way that minimizes risk while maximizing learning. Stay agile and responsive to the market, and enjoy the process of discovering what works best for your business. This mindset will not only lead to better marketing outcomes but also foster a culture of innovation within your team

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