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December 28, 2023 |

4 Ways to Improve Cyber Storytelling

These marketing methods and tools can help IT service providers do a better job of selling cybersecurity.

MSPs and MSSPs have tricky marketing challenges. Sell solutions to common problems without sounding like everyone else. Explain the urgency and sophistication of cyber threats without jargon or fear mongering. Stand out in a growing crowd without a bigger team or budget.

Thankfully, there are several tools available that can help tell a better story and boost visibility.

Become the Analyst

Have you ever noticed how much media attention analysts get?

As an MSP or MSSP, you have access to data and insights that can position you as a similar go-to expert, said Carmen Harris, senior director of corporate communications at Forescout Technologies Inc. Start by sharing observations, Harris said.

“In my dream world, an MSSP’s social post can be, ‘In the last month, we’ve detected more intrusions on Sundays between noon and 6 p.m. than we do on Fridays at 9 a.m., and most of them are coming from Iran.’ ”

Regularly posting such insightful breadcrumbs on platforms like YouTube or X – and pitching them to news media when relevant to breaking news or trends – will garner media mentions. Then, when customers are ready to spend, your position as an industry expert will likely tip the scales in your favor, said Harris.

Gianna Whitver of Cybersecurity Marketing Society

Gianna Whitver

Slice Up Your Audience

Your messaging shouldn’t only speak to CISOs. Sometimes, you’re really selling to the CEO, or the AppSec engineer, explained Gianna Whitver, co-founder and CEO of the Cybersecurity Marketing Society.

“What does the CISO care about? It cares about risk, governance, managing the team, brand reputation, revenue generation, operations, [and] making sure things keep going. … They don’t care about the widget that would help a security engineer’s life.”

Many companies court the top person, forgetting that users also require their own specific messages, Whitver said. Instead, taking time to define your audience segments and what matters most to each will ensure your marketing efforts hit their targets, she advised.

Don Colliver of Colliver Communications

Don Colliver

Booth Like a Boss

It’s important to keep those distinct audiences in mind at the conference booth, according to Don Colliver, owner of Colliver Communications. A presentation should be created specifically for each conference or event.

“[I’ve seen] people delivering a presentation that’s clearly intended for some different environment or demographic. And then they kind of get annoyed or irritated with the conference attendees,” Colliver said. “You have to talk to the people that are here right now. Don’t bring your sales presentation, and just remove the specifics of that prior prospect.”

Supercharge Small Teams

Rather than, “Do more with less,” small marketing teams should aim to do less better, said Whitver.

“Be more efficient. Track and understand what works. Your existing CRM is a gold mine of guidance on where to your marketing efforts. Look it over and ask, ‘What are the commonalities among your best customers? Can you start collecting win stories from the sales team?’ ”

However you choose to improve your marketing, Whitver cautioned small teams with small budgets to choose one or two projects at a time. Anything more just isn’t practical, she said.

Image: iStock

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