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March 28, 2023 | Ahsan Siddiqui

Why SMBs Will Buy Data Protection Even During Economic Uncertainty

Even reluctant SMB spenders will need data protection, which includes secure storage, SaaS backup, and a plan to keep hybrid workers cyber safe.

As economic uncertainty continues globally, many companies are slowing down or stopping investments and waiting to make significant changes. However, standing still is as risky as moving forward. Channel partners must recognize this time for what it is—a new business opportunity. To remain competitive in the digital age, managed service providers (MSPs) must be willing to adapt to the times and embrace new opportunities, even in the face of uncertainty. Taking bold steps and embracing change can position your MSP business for long-term success in an increasingly dynamic market.

To that end, consider offering new services that appeal to even those customers who are concerned about spending. Here are three data protection services that can help you attract and retain customers today.

1. Data Security

Data security solutions are a significant market opportunity. As cyberattacks and data breaches continue to threaten businesses, companies of all sizes are looking for ways to protect their sensitive data and ensure that it remains secure.

Be sure to have a firm grasp of the various data security solutions out there and be able to recommend the best one for each customer. As an example, SMBs are dealing with massive data growth, yet they want to spend less time managing their backup and storage infrastructure and more time focused on priorities that will deliver business value, such as deploying new applications.

To help them deal with explosive data growth, recommend a cost-effective, scale-out storage solution that will adapt to their needs. Such a solution will allow SMBs to pay only for what they need. They can start with a single node with a few terabytes of capacity, then seamlessly scale to multiple petabytes with zero configuration or application changes.

Choose storage vendor partners with key security attributes like immutable storage to ensure your customers’ data is secure. Immutability is a type of data storage in which, once data is written, it cannot be modified or deleted. Immutable storage is helpful because it enables organizations to always have access to an intact, current copy of their data. It can be vital in case of a systems outage or cyberattack, when accessing the data stored on the affected system may be difficult or impossible.

2. SaaS Backup

With the business world shifting toward the cloud and embracing software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications, the need for robust, secure backup solutions is even more critical. Cloud providers do their part to safeguard customer data, but ultimately, it’s up to customers to ensure their information is adequately backed up, protected, and recoverable. Cloud providers can’t control everything. User error, hardware failure, natural disasters, and malicious attacks are all events that can lead to data loss—and they’re all outside the control of cloud providers.

This is an opportunity to offer SaaS backup services that can help your customers protect their critical data and ensure they can quickly and easily recover the data during an outage or disaster. Offering SaaS backup:

  • Allows you to differentiate your business from competitors by delivering a unique and valuable service.
  • Provides a steady and recurring revenue stream, as businesses typically pay a subscription fee for SaaS backup services.
  • Gives you the ability to build stronger relationships with your customers by helping them address a critical pain point and protect their data.

3. Remote Security

The pandemic forced organizations to quickly pivot to remote and hybrid work models. But as more employees work from home, it is increasingly vital for companies to be aware of the security challenges that come with a remote workforce.

When employees are scattered, data is fragmented, expanding the vulnerabilities of a business. The challenges are many, from securing remote access to company networks and data to protecting against phishing attacks and malware that target remote workers. And now hybrid work is becoming the new normal. Companies are looking for cost-effective solutions to effectively back up and protect data in remote environments. These solutions range from backup services to security protocols that can protect against cyberthreats without any need to deploy additional resources or capital.

You can play a crucial role in helping your customers find solutions that ensure their data remains secure. With the right solutions, companies can rest easy, knowing that their data is protected no matter where their employees work.

There are several ways you can help your customers here. One is offering solutions that enable secure remote access to company networks and data. Another is by providing training and education to your customers’ employees on how to recognize and avoid phishing attacks and other types of social-engineering threats. It can include regular reminders about the importance of strong passwords and training in identifying and reporting suspicious activity.

In addition, you can help customers develop and implement comprehensive cybersecurity policies and procedures tailored to the unique needs of a hybrid work environment. It can include guidelines for secure remote access and protocols for handling sensitive data and responding to potential threats. By helping your customers implement these measures, you can help ensure that their data remains secure and their employees are protected. 

Final Takeaway

It’s a challenging and uncertain time for everyone, but by adapting to meet market needs and capitalizing on new opportunities, you can position your MSP business for long-term success and emerge from the current economic climate even stronger.

AHSAN SIDDIQUI is director of product management at Arcserve.

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