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February 9, 2021 | ChannelPro

Check Point CloudGuard Secures Hybrid Clouds and Delivers 169% ROI to Customers, as Confirmed in Independent Total Economic Impact Study

Independent study shows how Check Point advanced threat prevention and cloud network security enable customers to accelerate their cloud deployments while reducing management costs and boosting productivity for developers, with payback on investment in less than three months

Check Point® Software Technologies Ltd. (NASDAQ: CHKP), a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions globally, has today announced the results of an independent commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting which analyzes the Total Economic Impact (TEI) and benefits that enterprises deploying Check Point’s CloudGuard Cloud Network Security solution can realize. The study found that CloudGuard repaid its initial investment in under 3 months, with a 169% ROI over 3 years through higher staff productivity, reduced breach costs, time savings for developers, and reduced compliance and audit costs.

To understand the business benefits and cost savings possible with CloudGuard, Forrester interviewed a CloudGuard user, a large US-based healthcare company with annual revenues over $10 billion. The company chose CloudGuard to protect its hybrid cloud deployments because it was concerned the native services available from its cloud providers are insufficient to secure the protected health information (PHI) which the organization stores and processes.

The study found that in addition to CloudGuard delivering agile, seamless security across the customer’s hybrid cloud assets, the cost savings and benefits compared to cloud providers’ security tools included:

  • Increased hybrid cloud security: The study states that the frequency and costs associated with cloud data breaches are lower with CloudGuard than with native security provided by cloud vendors. “The [customer] is confident that Check Point Security meets the company’s needs, now and into the future.”
  • Rapid payback and ongoing ROI: CloudGuard repaid its initial investment in under 3 months, with a 169% ROI over 3 years and a net present value of $1.25M. Quantified benefits were higher staff productivity, reduced breach costs, time savings for developers, and reduced compliance and audit costs.
  • Simplified security management: CloudGuard gives single-console visibility and control across the organization’s multi-cloud environments. This enables creation of a consistent centralized security policy, eliminating duplication errors, reducing maintenance work and training needs.
  • Flexible protection for workloads across multiple clouds: The organization can automatically secure workloads, with auto-provisioning, auto-scaling and automated policy updates. CloudGuard gives continuous visibility, analysis and control of the customer’s cloud security posture from CI/CD to production.
  • Real-time security compliance: A key concern for the customer was compliance with regulatory mandates such as HIPAA. CloudGuard provides real-time compliance monitoring, improving quality and automating report production, which dramatically reduces auditing work.

“After investing in CloudGuard and shifting multiple workloads to the cloud, the customer is now reaping the benefits of utilizing multiple cloud services while not only achieving the same level of security, but also reducing the security management costs and providing productivities to developers,” stated the Forrester TEI study. “CloudGuard has enabled the customer to better control the developers’ application of security rules without hindering them. Getting the security right at the beginning has eliminated rework later.” The study also stated that “confidence in Check Point security leads to more rapid movement to the cloud.”

“Each cloud [service] has its own language. With CloudGuard, we use the same set of tags across multiple clouds and across different accounts and subscriptions. We would have had to manage everything separately if we had done it natively” stated the customer in the study. The customer also stated: “We don’t need to manage 27 different things across three different clouds to accomplish the same task. We have a single management solution in CloudGuard.”

“Security is often seen as a barrier to enterprise cloud deployments, because managing multiple cloud providers’ security controls adds cost and complexity, and traditional security is not agile enough to handle the cloud’s speed and scale,” said Itai Greenberg, VP of product management at Check Point Software. “We believe Forrester’s analysis is consistent with what we hear from our CloudGuard customers: it gives them the most secure threat prevention with industry-leading security effectiveness for their hybrid cloud estates, with easy, automated single-console policy management and enforcement. This strengthens their security posture, boosts efficiency and delivers a rapid, ongoing ROI. This increased cloud confidence allows our customers to migrate more workloads to the cloud, and faster.”

The full Forrester TEI study on Check Point CloudGuard is available from here.

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About Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.
Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. ( is a leading provider of cyber security solutions to governments and corporate enterprises globally. Its solutions protect customers from 5th generation cyber-attacks with an industry leading catch rate of malware, ransomware and other types of attacks. Check Point offers its multilevel security architecture, Infinity Total Protection with Gen V advanced threat prevention, which defends enterprises’ cloud, network and mobile device held information. Check Point provides the most comprehensive and intuitive one point of control security management system. Check Point protects over 100,000 organizations of all sizes.


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Check Point Software Technologies 

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