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August 25, 2020 |

Kaseya Announces Latest Wave of Portfolio Integrations and Updates

“If you boil them all down, they’re about MSPs being able to be more efficient,” says Chief Strategy Officer Mike Puglia (pictured) of the changes, which Kaseya discussed during its 2020 Connect IT conference.

Kaseya has unveiled the latest wave of integrations and updates across its portfolio of IT management solutions.

The enhancements, which were announced during the vendor’s Connect IT conference for 2020, are the most recent examples of an ongoing effort by Kaseya to win the hearts, minds, and wallets of MSPs and corporate IT departments by turning deep workflow coordination across its RMM, PSA, documentation, and other solutions into a source of increased productivity and reduced operational outlays.

“If you boil them all down, they’re about MSPs being able to be more efficient,” says Mike Puglia, Kaseya’s chief strategy officer, of the changes introduced today.

Among them is the ability to view and edit documentation in Kaseya’s IT Glue solution, in addition to RMM and PSA data, from within the company’s Fusion mobile app. “Now I get to see holistically who the customer is all in one shot,” Puglia says.

Technicians can run agent procedures defined in Kaseya’s RMM solution from inside Fusion now as well. Fusion first became available in January.

Examples of tighter cross-platform integrations announced today include a link between IT Glue and the Unitrends MSP backup solution that looks for new endpoints in end user environments and automatically verifies that they’re being backed up. That’s work technicians performed by hand in the past, Puglia notes, and also reveals incremental backup revenue opportunities. 

“There could be new things coming on all the time,” he says. “Now you have a sales opportunity kind of pre-canned for you.”

A further integration involving Unitrends MSP automatically adds backup solution and sizing recommendations to reports produced by the RapidFire Tools Network Assessment Module every time that system finds a device with unprotected data in a current or potential client’s infrastructure.

“A lot of people, they go look at a customer or a prospect and then they come back and they get into a spreadsheet and then they start doing math,” Puglia observes. The new functionality spares MSPs from those manual calculations. “The chief benefit there is just the time savings,” Puglia notes.

A new feature in Kaseya Compliance Manager, meanwhile, creates tickets in BMS, Kaseya’s PSA system, for each potential regulatory violation it identifies. Based on technology originally developed by RapidFire Tools, Compliance Manager automatically checks end user environments for adherence to requirements defined by laws like GDPR and HIPAA, as well as the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and cybersecurity insurance policies. Technicians had to file tickets for problems exposed during those inspections by hand before.

As ChannelPro reported separately earlier, Kaseya has also integrated Graphus, the phishing defense solution it officially added to its product family yesterday, with the Dark Web ID dark web monitoring solution and BullPhish ID security awareness training system, both from Kaseya’s ID Agent unit. BullPhish ID, in particular, can now roll out Graphus automatically to every user in its database.

An upgrade to Dark Web ID announced today augments data about end user domains collected on the cybercrime black market with company data such as number of employees, business type, estimated revenue, and more. The additional data is designed to help MSPs who use the ID Agent solution as a prospecting tool conduct targeted searches.

Kaseya disclosed feature enhancements to Compliance Manager and Unitrends MSP today as well. The former solution now includes a module for documenting compliance with the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC), a recently introduced, mandatory security standard for all contractors that do business with the Department of Defense. The latter system now allows MSPs to update an entire fleet of backup appliances at once through the solution’s centralized dashboard, rather than login to those devices one at a time.

Puglia also previewed several forthcoming integrations during a Connect IT keynote yesterday. Most notably, single sign-on technology that will allow technicians to log into all of Kaseya’s products simultaneously is set to arrive later this year. “Think of it like Microsoft Office,” Puglia says. “I log into Outlook and suddenly I’m logged into every other Microsoft offering that’s out there.”

An integration coming to IT Glue will automatically import Active Directory user information into an organization’s documentation records. “How many times do we have static contacts out there that have left the company, or someone else has joined the company?” Puglia asked during his Monday presentation.

Administrators who take advantage of previously introduced integration between IT Glue and Kaseya’s RMM platform to open a remote control session will soon have immediate access to the IT Glue password vault as well. “No more searching or cutting and pasting for passwords,” Puglia told Connect IT attendees. “If you’re using the IT Glue secure password vault, it’s all going to be there at my fingertips.” That feature is due by the end of the year.

Also in the works is a feature that will let IT Glue users view and modify ticket data imported from BMS. Technicians have the ability to work with data imported from IT Glue when editing tickets in BMS already. “We’re really blurring the lines between what’s an RMM, what’s a PSA, and what’s a documentation system,” Puglia said this morning.

To date, Kaseya has introduced over 70 cross-product integrations, all of which seek to eliminate gaps between systems that force technicians to swivel unproductively between interfaces. “We’re trying to crank out as you’ve probably seen about six to eight new ones a quarter,” Puglia says. As ChannelPro reported in March, all of Kaseya’s business units are required to allocate 20% of their R&D spending on additional integrations.

The coronavirus pandemic’s devastating economic impact has made the efficiencies enabled by an integrated IT management portfolio more important than ever, according to Kaseya CEO Fred Voccola. Almost 80% of respondents to a recent study, he said during a keynote yesterday, forecast flat or declining profits in 2020 and 2021. 

“We need to figure out how to make our technicians more efficient and how to spend less money on software, so we can make up the profitability losses that we’re seeing,” Voccola asserted. “The more we can get from technicians, the more output, the better we deal with this new reality that we are all in and are going to be in for a long time.”

Voccola discussed plans to file for an initial public offering with ChannelPro yesterday.

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