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Acer America
Acer America Corp. is a computer manufacturer of business and consumer PCs, notebooks, ultrabooks, projectors, servers, and storage products.


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January 10, 2018 |

Seagate Launches New High Density Enclosure with Next Generation Operating System

Seagate Systems’ real-time storage operating system powers common controllers that support multiple chassis footprints, offering unparalleled optimization and reliability

Seagate Technology plc announced the launch of the 5U84 high-density enclosure built with a next-generation operating system that together delivers performance, capacity and reliability. The 5U84 enclosure and firmware technology will enable businesses to store massive quantities of data in a high-availability enclosure that provides high performance access to data. What’s more, Seagate Systems’ operating system not only powers the high density 5U84, but dramatically improves the system’s performance and reliability, increasing confidence in using high-density enclosures.

As with any technology, it is critically important to create layers of protection when it comes to data storage, particularly in markets such as video surveillance, where the integrity of the data is critical. Using next generation data protection technology, Seagate’s Advanced Distributed Autonomic Protection Technology (ADAPT) can eliminate up to 95% of performance degradation during a disk drive rebuild when compared to traditional RAID solutions, meaning the 5U84 is essentially “self-healing”. The technology disperses data across multiple drives, allocating more resources to rebuilds, thereby reducing the time needed, minimizing the risk of a data unavailability issue and giving the end user uninterrupted access.

A recent†study by IDC and Seagate†showed that by 2025 the global datasphere could grow to a staggering 163 zettabytes, with enterprises being responsible for creating 60% of this data. With the sheer volume of data forecasted to be created over the coming years, businesses are looking for a way to solve their capacity needs without having to sacrifice on space. The 5U84 system delivers just that, a space-conscious storage model that packs up to 1.0 PB of raw storage capacity into a single chassis, which is expertly designed to occupy only five data center rack units. Hosting 84 drive bays that are rigorously tested to function with 8, 10, and even 12 TB drives, the product density of the 5U84 allows for a large quantity of data to be stored in a smaller space. Due to the 5U84’s density, the cost of floor space is reduced, along with heating, cooling and maintenance.

Commenting on the launch, Ken Claffey, vice president, Seagate Systems said:

“Increasingly, our customers are focused on maximizing up-time and minimizing the cost of service. Traditional data protection approaches in a high-density enclosure often result in un-manageable rebuild times in the event of a device failure. With this new operating system release, we are enabling customers to use high density enclosures with high capacity drives more confidently as we have dramatically reduced the rebuild window required. Businesses need storage with all the performance, security, and management features technology can offer, but they also need to be able to access their growing data sets with accuracy and speed to promote business continuity. With this next-generation operating system, businesses are provided with multi-core functionality, allowing multiple cores to share the workload as specific processing tasks are distributed to individual cores, meaning every resource is used to its maximum potential. A surveillance company for example, would therefore have fast access to actionable intelligence and insight, allowing them to make informed, real-time decisions. Seagate is committed to creating innovations that meet the complicated needs of today’s businesses, as demonstrated by this technology release.”

Key Features:

  • 5U rack-mount enclosure stores up to 8 petabytes of data per rack
  • Efficient power conversion
  • Up to 84 3.5″ SAS hard disk drives or solid state drives per 5U enclosure
  • Drawer design provides extremely high density per rack unit
  • Easy access to hot swap drives
  • Expansion capability up to 336 drives
  • Dual 12Gb SAS I/O modules with integral data path redundancy for high-availability
  • Dual controller configuration that supports multiple chassis, which lowers SKUs and complex configuration issues
  • Unparalleled optimization and reliability
  • Ultra high performance of 600K IOPS at 1ms latency for 2U24 AFA configurations at 1ms latency for near instantaneous access to data

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