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September 7, 2017 |

Atlassian Redefines Team Communication with Stride

New product redraws the lines of the communication market to help teams accomplish real work

†Atlassian Corporation Plc, a leading provider of team collaboration and productivity software, unveiled Stride, a complete team communication solution built from the ground up to help teams more effectively work together. Today’s workers use multiple disparate communication tools to improve their teams’ productivity, but the net effect is often the opposite: constant notifications, unproductive conversations, and lack of outcomes or clear paths forward. Stride was built to solve the biggest problems of team communication by bringing together context, conversations, and collaboration into one powerful product, allowing teams to move work forward.

“We believe that a communication tool should help people talk less and do more. None of the products in the market today tackle the problem of workplace communication head-on,” said Mike Cannon-Brookes, co-founder, and co-CEO of Atlassian. “We’re excited to introduce Stride to the world. We built Stride to bring all the varying ways teams communicate – through text, voice, and video – together into one place. Teams that communicate effectively accomplish more throughout their day because they have the freedom to focus on on the things that matter most.”

Current workplace communication solutions force users to choose between collaboration and creation, requiring them to monitor an endless conveyor belt of conversation without providing the space for deep, focused work. The burden is on the user to prioritize the firehose of communication, manually sift through and remember where critical information is hiding, and extract team decisions and actions from the barrage of text. Compounding the problem is the absence of non-verbal communication inherent in chat-based tools.

Atlassian built Stride to help solve these issues so teams can move work forward. Our brand new communication solution has best-in-class team messaging, audio and video conferencing, and collaboration tools. Stride is the only communication product teams needs to get work done.

Best-in-class Team Messaging

Designed to maximize collaboration and minimize distraction, Stride’s team messaging gives teams a central place to ideate, create, and solve, without distraction. Stride puts the power in the users’ hands to use it how they want, with powerful new features like rich text messaging, cloud media integration, secure files, rich media and link integration, fast search, per-room notifications, and more.

Native Audio and Video Conferencing

Stride Meetings removes all the friction of meetings and adds a cross platform, native audio, and video meeting experience that gives teams voice, video, screensharing, remote control, connection to phone numbers, and more built right in, on desktop and mobile.

Collaboration Tools

Stride lets teams define which messages rise above the rest in importance by marking any message as an Action or Decision from within the messaging screen. All outcomes live neatly in the sidebar, accessible anytime so that team members are never out of the loop on key decisions or important ideas.†

Focus Mode

Stride Focus Mode clears the way for deep, distraction-free work, then quickly catches users up when they’re ready to come back, empowering users to unplug when necessary. Focus Mode goes beyond “do not disturb” by calming notifications and displaying a “focus mode” status and presence, giving users the mental space to go into deep work. Focus Mode even surfaces all the important information in room and 1:1 chats – actions, decisions, meetings, messages – in an easy-to-consume format when it’s time to return to team work.

“Information overload and constant distractions from email, messaging and notifications are increasingly challenging for knowledge workers. Workers have come to depend on these tools but find themselves constantly bombarded with distractions, which can have a major impact on their productivity. As their volume continues to grow, new approaches are required to address the requirements inherent to ‘deep work,'” said Ra√∫l Casta√±√≥n-Martinez, senior analyst at 451 Research.

“Atlassian is breaking down walls and reimagining the team communication market; no product out there comes close to Stride’s comprehensive feature set,” said Zubin Irani, CEO of cPrime, Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner. “Stride is true innovation, and we’re excited about what this means for current and future customers.”

Teams of all sizes can get started with Stride Free, with unlimited users, group chat rooms, direct messaging, and group video chat; file sharing and 5GB storage; 10 apps or bots; Actions and Decisions coordination; and message history up to 25,000 messages.

Stride Standard starts at $3 per user per month, and includes all the functionality of Stride Free plus advanced native Stride Meetings functionality; unlimited file sharing and storage, apps and bots, and message history; guest access; and user management.

Stride Free and Stride Standard will be available on Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, Android, and web.

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