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Unitrends' Release 7.2 Offers Enterprise-Class Functionality in an Easy-to-Use Design

Latest edition of next-generation software powers Unitrends' Unified Data Protection offering. By ChannelPro

Unitrends, a provider of all-in-one backup, archiving, instant recovery, and disaster recovery solutions, has launched the Unitrends Release 7.2, the latest version of the next-generation software powering its Unified Data Protection offering of physical and virtual backup and recovery appliances.

"Storage, backup, and disaster recovery demands are skyrocketing as data volumes grow, but unfortunately, IT staffing rates are not rising with them," says Dr. Mark Campbell, Unitrends' chief strategy and technology officer. "IT administrators at small and medium-sized enterprises are continuously challenged to do more with less. Our mission at Unitrends has always been to provide them with enterprise-class data protection for heterogeneous environments that is affordable, easy to use, and intuitive. Smaller budgets and limited resources should not mean companies have to sacrifice data protection, and Unitrends Release 7.2 ensures that this isn't the case."

Unitrends Enterprise Backup, the company's software-only backup and recovery virtual appliance, and Unitrends Recovery Series, its family of scalable physical appliances, are solutions that provide Simply Scalable, heterogeneous data protection at the "lowest" total cost of ownership (TCO). Unitrends 7.2 provides IT administrators with a "more intuitive" user experience - freeing up valuable time and resources that they can devote to other pressing tasks. Unitrends Release 7.2 features include:

  • A Replication Wizard: Enables "quick and easy" replication setup, as all replication functionality is managed on one appliance via a single user interface.
  • Masters with Include: Provides increased granularity for data protection by enabling IT administrators to specify inclusion lists for Windows file-level master, differential, and incremental backups. With this enhancement, users now have the ability to specify what data they want to back up - down to a specific folder or file type.
  • Legal Hold: Enables administrators to maintain retention control by specifying backup groups that should not be purged from the system for a specified number of days or indefinitely. This new capability ensures companies meet compliance requirements and service level agreements.
  • DNS/DHCP Support for Windows: Simplifies client management by removing the IP address requirement for backups.
  • A Second-Level, Task-Based Menu: Includes task-based drop down options on the interface's main menu for increased ease-of-use.

Unitrends' Unified Data Protection offering supports more than 100 different versions of servers, operating systems, storage platforms, hypervisors, and applications. With Unitrends 7.2, companies now also receive expanded data protection support for Oracle 11g on Linux and Solaris, Debian 7.0 and Ubuntu 13.04 on Linux, and VMware resource pools. Administrators also now have the ability to exclude a subset of VMware virtual machine drives from backups, which reduces backup size, saves storage space, and increases retention.

Unitrends 7.2 also includes new functionality targeted at MSPs. The next-generation software includes integration with the ConnectWise professional services automation tool, as well as with remote monitoring and management systems. With this new support, MSPs can monitor and manage end users' infrastructures, including backup, and recovery processes, directly through their PSA or RMM system. This integration significantly reduces TCO by replacing time consuming and error prone manual processes with automated system monitoring tasks that can be managed through a single interface.

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