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Secure Now! Enhances Breach Prevention Platform

New features added to the system include Azure Active Directory synchronization, automated anti-phishing campaign setup, access to InfoArmor's advanced threat intelligence platform, and real-time dark web monitoring notifications. By ChannelPro

Seeking to help MSPs and other IT professionals better protect clients from data breaches, Secure Now! has added four enhancements to its Breach Secure Now (BSN) Breach Prevention Platform. The new features include Azure Active Directory synchronization, an automated anti-phishing campaign setup tool, access to InfoArmor's VigilanteATI advanced threat intelligence platform, and real-time dark web monitoring notifications.

“We’re adding these capabilities to automate many of the tasks MSPs and IT professionals have to perform to keep their clients safe from hackers and cybercriminals,” said Al Lowenstein, chief technology officer for Secure Now!, in a press statement. “We’ve made it possible for them to ‘set it and forget it’ when it comes to creating phishing campaigns, monitoring employee exposure to dark web hacks, and following through on other important action steps needed to shore up cybersecurity defenses.”

“Our goal is to reduce any and all roadblocks and barriers to helping our partners improve business with existing clients, easily onboard new clients, and increase sales,” Lowenstein added. “We’re cutting their workload so they can concentrate on growing their businesses.”

The new dark web monitoring feature is designed to help MSPs track the dark web status of their client organizations easily. The service has no software to deploy, so MSPs can start receiving results in minutes. Data reported by the system triggers real-time alerts flagging which employees were involved in the breach, so MSPs can prepare and deliver mitigation plans with confidence.

Breach Secure Now! also now utilizes VigilanteATI, from InfoArmor, as its sole source of dark web data. The solution's advanced threat intelligence capabilities are powered by a mix of human operatives and dark web crawling bots that conduct surveillance and monitor employees for activities that could put them at risk for identity theft.

“VigilanteATI provides the human intelligence and feedback that’s missing from most security software,” said Art Gross, CEO of Secure Now!, in a press statement. “The human operatives sit in on forums and look for breached data, almost like double-agents. They not only show that a breach occurred but also identify the stolen password data that caused the breach or put the company at risk for one. In addition, InfoArmor de-duplicates data to avoid reporting inaccurate results. This information gives MSPs the ability to show clients their employees’ compromised credentials and passwords, a capability our partners have been asking for.”

The addition of Azure Active Directory synchronization allows MSPs to onboard client employees for cybersecurity training rapidly. Technicians can sync to employee accounts, prompt password changes, and begin security training immediately with customizable autogenerated welcome emails.

Breach Secure Now’s new AutoPhish campaign setup program allows MSPs to enroll employees in the automated system and set the start date, end date, and frequency of simulated phishing campaigns. MSPs can also set up simulations for an entire year at once, and schedule tests for different departments at different times. As new employees join the company, they can automatically be included in the next phishing campaign.

“All of these enhancements are designed to make our platform much easier to use and administer,” said Lowenstein in his media statement. “We are continuing to develop a world class product that is visually pleasing, easy to navigate, consistent, and extremely functional. Most importantly, we are focused on reducing the efforts required by our MSP partners to increase their value to clients.”

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