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Kaspersky’s new security awareness training provides employees with individual learning paths

Woburn, MA – June 2, 2020 —Kaspersky today announces its new offering, Kaspersky Adaptive Online Training, developed in partnership with Area9 Lyceum. The solution is delivered using modern learning techniques and generates a security awareness curriculum tailored to each individual user’s learning needs based on Kaspersky’s cybersecurity expertise.

Security awareness training is essential to introducing cybersecurity basics to employees and giving staff the information they require so they can work securely. However, many organizations report that some training courses do not necessarily deliver the desired effect. While 37% of enterprises already implement have at least form of security training, only 13% of the organizations surveyed confirm that they have not encountered any IT security issues caused by their employees’ actions[1].

Conducting a security training cannot guarantee that employees will fully retain the training information.. For example, the day after a one-hour lecture, participants forget 50-80 percent of the information they have been told, and when 30 days have passed, they can only recall two to three percent of the entire talk. To help companies provide essential knowledge without overloading staff, Kaspersky has launched its new Kaspersky Adaptive Online Training offering.

The platform builds a specific learning path for each user, taking into account the knowledge that employees already have and their confidence in cybersecurity awareness. To achieve this specific path, Area9 Lyceum’s intelligent ‘biological’ algorithms combines questions with the content, assessing both the knowledge of the subject and the confidence in responses as an employee studies. The algorithms optimize the path to mastery, skipping over content the staff already knows to help them master concepts and topics they are less familiar with. By doing so, it may take a skilled employee less than 10 minutes to learn only what they do not already know, whereas others may need half an hour to complete the entire module giving them more time devoted to learning objectives which are the most difficult for the student.

The learning content covers passwords, email security, web browsing, social networks and messengers, endpoint security, mobile devices and GDPR (which will be available in Q3 2020). These skillsets ensure that employees can work with IT resources with minimal cybersecurity risks. All lessons and tests are built on real-life situations and examples of attacks which have happened in the real world.

“As current practice shows, the most difficult task is to motivate and teach new skills to employees who make mistakes but are resolutely sure that they do everything correctly. This is called unconscious incompetence,” said Elena Molchanova, head of security awareness marketing at Kaspersky. “Adaptive learning methodology allows businesses to identify such areas amongst their staff and put more effort into closing the skills gaps, while the rest will not be overwhelmed with unnecessary theory. According to Area9 Lyceum’s estimation, by using an individual learning path approach, companies can save up to 50% of total time spent on training.”

Kaspersky Adaptive Online Training is easy to manage. An administrator can select which modules a group of users should complete, while the solution will send users the necessary link to their required lessons. The solution also provides detailed statistics on employees’ performance and monitoring of students who are confident in insecure actions.

For more information about the solution, please visit the official website

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[1] The Kaspersky Global Corporate IT Security Risks Survey (ITSRS) is a global survey of IT business decision makers conducted in 2019. Answers were given by organizations with 1000+ employees 

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