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The new cybersecurity framework will be phased in through 2025, but MSPs can help defense contractors get new contracts now by bringing them into compliance with the DFARS interim rule.

Immediate and Long-Term Opportunities for MSPs Who Speak with Authority

MSPs can help defense contractors implement the cybersecurity processes and tools required by the NIST 800-171 interim rule in order to get new defense contracts and renewals. Remediation projects will close compliance gaps, and managed services will help businesses consistently implement the cybersecurity requirements. Solutions like RapidFire Tools Compliance Manager can produce auditable documentation to substantiate DFARS self-assessment scores and create evidence of ongoing NIST 800-171 compliance to help the business be ready at any time for a DoD or prime contractor audit.

The good news is, by helping businesses comply with the interim rule today, you are also helping them prepare for CMMC, so there won’t be any wasted effort. Even contractors that do not have CUI will need help securing their systems so they can comply at Level 1.

Because CMMC is tied directly to revenues and profits, business owners and executives are willing to invest in compliance. You shouldn’t face the same resistance you might see in healthcare and other regulated industries.

Your key to success, however, will be the ability to speak the language and sound like an authority, which you can do in hours, not the years it takes to become an expert. In this article alone there are 15 acronyms that you need to be familiar with so you can speak with authority. To shortcut your success and get your entire company on board quickly, check out CMMC for Profit, which is available in our Semel Systems library of education and shortcuts for MSPs. We have included hours of training videos, templates and checklists, an interim rule scoring tool, policies, and other things you can use to quickly be seen as an authority and immediately begin offering your services to defense contractors.

Our country needs a strong defense. This is how you can help secure our Defense Industrial Base (DIB, another acronym!) and make a profit at the same time.

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MIKE SEMEL is a former MSP and founder of Semel Consulting, which provides advisory services to MSPs and end users for compliance, cybersecurity, and business continuity planning. He worked with CompTIA to develop its Security Trustmark Plus, and with RapidFire Tools to create Compliance Manager GRC.

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