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For end-user businesses, the biggest benefit the cloud provides is the ability to continue working and communicating in any situation. By Robert Cooper

The process of getting end customers set for success cannot start with chasing trends or thinking about technology as its own advantage; rather, it has to start with considering what business value is being delivered with the solution. Can you ensure that the end users will be able to get up and running fast, with minimal training? Can it be deployed quickly and used on any device, without software downloads? Does it feature an all-inclusive set of collaboration capabilities? Is it secure by design, rather than relying on high-maintenance external security measures such as VPNs? It’s only by addressing these questions that an MSP can determine if what they’re delivering to customers actually achieves business value.

The overarching business priority is continuity in communications—not just the cloud in and of itself. The MSPs or systems integrators who will win the day are the ones who can deliver a UCC solution that can connect employees even while they're outside the office, ensure customers don't have to jump through extra hoops when they want to call in to the sales department or support, and can be relied upon during any worst-case scenario.

The ability to constantly be in contact is what businesses value most. MSPs who frame communications continuity within the context of cloud will make the most of the market's coming changes.

ROBERT COOPER is the managing director of Wildix, where he leads the charge toward a channel-focused approach to unified communications. In addition to his military background, he has over 20 years of experience in leading technology sales teams and has served on the White House Conference on Small Business.

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