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May 17, 2024 |

3 Eaton Executives Reveal Insights on Supporting IT Services Providers

Eaton’s Steven Loeb, Mike Jackson, and David Windsor share how the company seeks to help MSPs overcome challenges and find opportunities in the tech landscape.

Steven Loeb is aware of the unique challenges faced by MSPs that serve small to midsized businesses. In fact, Eaton‘s vice president of distributed infrastructure sales said that’s exactly why his company tailors products within its broad portfolio to meet MSPs’ needs.

Steven Loeb at Eaton Partner Conference 2024 in Orlando

Steven Loeb speaks at the Eaton Partner Conference 2024 in Orlando.

Loeb share insights with ChannelPro during Eaton Partner Conference 2024 in Orlando. He was joined by the global power management titan’s Mike Jackson, general manager of data center and industrial software, and David Windsor, global product line manager.

Their experiences and perspectives shed light on how MSPs can enhance their service offerings, drive growth, and navigate the complexities of modern IT infrastructure.

The Eaton Advantage for MSPs

One advantage Eaton offers growth-oriented businesses is it provides scalable solutions that cater to both small businesses and enterprise-level clients.

This flexibility is essential for MSPs. It allows them to offer high-quality solutions to SMBs while maintaining the capacity to support larger clients when the time comes. “We [can service] their needs at a good price, high availability, and just-in-time delivery,” Loeb explained. “Our products can start small, and scale as needed.”

The comprehensive nature of Eaton’s offerings allows the company to be a single-source IT infrastructure provider, Windsor added. This one-stop-shop approach simplifies project management for MSPs and enhances efficiency. “UPS, automatic transfer switch, PSU, rack, down to cables and distribution gear — we can do it all,” he said.

Eaton Partner Conference 2024 in Orlando

Eaton gathered its partners in Orlando for an annual update and to share its latest offerings.

Adapting to Industry Changes

The MSP landscape has undergone a significant transformation in recent years. For one thing, there’s been a wave of consolidation, where some smaller players have merged to form more powerful entities.

“We’ve seen MSPs explode in scale and support, with larger organizations trying to mimic the success of smaller, more localized companies,” Loeb noted. Eaton’s dual-market orientation ensures that partners of all sizes can leverage its resources without significant structural changes, enhancing their ability to serve diverse client needs.

Overcoming Sales Challenges

One of the primary hurdles MSPs face is convincing SMBs to upgrade their infrastructure. Often, smaller businesses are reluctant to invest in new technology, preferring to stick with their existing systems.

Loeb emphasized Eaton’s role in supporting MSPs through this process: “We provide technology training and sales pitch creation. Our field sales teams help create end-user demand by presenting entry-level, cost-effective solutions that can scale as needed.”

This approach ensures that MSPs can easily show SMBs the value in upgrading their infrastructure, which is crucial for maintaining efficiency and security, not to mention helping services providers boost their own revenue.

Mike Jackson of Eaton

Mike Jackson takes to the stage to speak to partners in Orlando.

Leveraging Eaton Software Solutions

One of Eaton’s key software solutions is its Brightlayer platform, which allows users to access data, insights, and digital solutions to best meet specific business needs.

“Brightlayer helps us serve a wide range of customers, from small MSPs to large data centers, by integrating with their existing processes and providing IT automation,” Jackson explained. This integration allows MSPs to offer advanced monitoring and management services, reducing downtime and ensuring data integrity.

The platform can assist MSPs with automation, a critical component to enhance efficiency, reduce operational costs, and even prevent catastrophic failures. Eaton’s Brightlayer suite includes features like automated shutdowns to prevent data corruption and proactive maintenance alerts. “If you have a problem at a customer site, we can reach into your IT infrastructure and either ride through the issue or gracefully shut it down,” Jackson said.

David Windsor of Eaton demonstrates new offerings

Enhancing Partner Value via Opportunities and Innovation

Eaton is committed to adding value for its partners, today and in the future. The company’s goal is to position MSPs as thought leaders, providing the tools and expertise to differentiate themselves in the market.

“We want you to uncover problems that your customers are dealing with, whether that’s remote monitoring, lifecycle management, or just working with a partner that can help coordinate better technology,” Windsor noted.

The emergence of technologies like generative AI and edge computing presents new opportunities in the IT channel. But it can be challenging to incorporate something new.

Loeb advises MSPs to stay informed and inquisitive about these technologies to understand their potential applications. This can help them stay ahead of the curve. “Partners that ask more questions and seek our perspective on emerging technologies tend to be more successful,” he emphasized.

By leveraging Eaton’s scalable products, advanced software solutions, and expert resources, MSPs can enhance their service offerings, drive growth, and maintain a competitive edge.

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