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March 23, 2024 |

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: How GoTo Aims to Empower MSPs with AI-Driven Solutions and More

The goal is to deepen collaboration with channel partners even further, underscoring GoTo’s commitment to leveraging innovative technologies like AI to enhance MSPs’ capabilities.

GoTo is making no secret of the fact that it wants to be the company of choice for MSPs. The Boston-based firm seeks to make IT management, support, and business communications easier for services providers.

In fact, two top executives who spoke with ChannelPro during the recent Channel Partners Conference & Expo in Las Vegas shared that the goal is to deepen that collaboration with channel partners even further, leveraging innovative technologies like AI to enhance MSPs’ capabilities.

“There’s just so much excitement about the technology we’ve built across all of our platforms and products,” said Channel Chief Mike Day. “The excitement isn’t because of what the product will do, but the way it was created was direct input from partners. We’ve built everything in collaboration with them.”

GoTo earlier this month introduced GoTo Contact Center Pro, a solution that expands its contact center as a service (CCaaS) to medium and large companies, giving growing businesses a modern yet affordable platform with access to key data and insights.

GoTo Contact Center Pro Dashboard

Along with that, an “infusion of AI” can offer more insights that MSPs can use to better serve their own customers, Day said. This approach ensures that GoTo’s solutions are finely tuned to the needs and challenges of MSPs, thereby enriching their service offerings and strengthening client relationships.

“When you think about the power of AI, how it can help transform our partners so they can do more with less, it addresses some of the challenges specific to MSP,” said Tony Haller, GoTo director of IT partner sales and strategy, who joined the company in January. “There’s a huge shortage of labor. There’s also a huge skill gap. So, if you can leverage AI, it’s going to really help our MSP partners grow their businesses, which ultimately will help them be more profitable. That to me is the end goal.”

AI’s ability to streamline processes and fill labor and skill gaps is a game-changer for MSPs striving for growth in a competitive landscape.

Spanning All of an MSP’s Needs

Mike Day of GoTo

Mike Day

GoTo aims to serve as the major source for MSPs’ IT needs, whether for internal operations or for client-facing solutions. The company’s products — including its flagship GoTo Resolve, GoTo Connect, LogMeIn Rescue, and more — seek to help enhance MSPs’ operational efficiency and effectiveness.

“Selfishly, we want to be the go-to for the MSP for whatever their IT needs might be, whether it’s their consumption of our products to run their businesses or to resell in a model but also improving the outcomes of what it is they deliver to their customers every day,” Day shared.

However, its market differentiation lies in its comprehensive approach. The company offers solutions that span the entirety of an MSP’s business needs, Haller said.

“The fact that we have a platform in essence that can affect every piece of an MSP’s business from the contact center side of it, the collaboration side of it, the IT management side of it, and then funneling that down to their end users to actually provide a really great value for them. The fact that we can touch each aspect of it and do it in a really thoughtful way just makes sense.”

Trust and partnership emerged as recurring themes in the dialogue, with Day emphasizing GoTo’s importance in the MSP ecosystem as a “partner-focused organization.”

“The biggest integration we want to have with all of our partners is the integration of trust,” he emphasized. This foundational trust facilitates effective collaboration and alignment of strategies to meet the evolving needs of MSPs and their clients.

The AI Effect

Tony Haller of GoTo

Tony Haller

Looking ahead, both Day and Haller conveyed their excitement about the potential of AI to transform the MSP sector.

GoTo has AI embedded into most of its products in a practical way, whereby it can improve the outcomes of what users are trying to accomplish, Day said.

“As fun and as exciting as AI is, we can’t overlook the security aspect, so we’re ensuring that we continue to build in the model of the zero-trust framework of our security approach. Now we can talk about the effectiveness of what AI can do to help you improve the business outcome. That’s our strategy.”

In addition, Haller joining the team allows GoTo to create a dedicated partner community and approach to better tailor solutions and messaging to MSPs.

“I’m super excited just for the ability to help them scale and do things that maybe they couldn’t do before,” Haller explained. “And the fact that we get to start from scratch around an MSP program and really build a thoughtful, logical step around helping enable our partners is exciting for me.”

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