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Acer America Corp. is a computer manufacturer of business and consumer PCs, notebooks, ultrabooks, projectors, servers, and storage products.


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July 16, 2021 | ChannelPro

ThinPrint Delivers Cloud Printing for Microsoft’s Windows 365 Cloud PC

ezeep Cloud Printing Simplifies Hybrid Work

Print management expert ThinPrint will support Microsoft’s new Windows 365 Cloud PC with its ezeep cloud printing solution. Companies can thus ensure that their hybrid work approach does not miss the mark on printing.

Microsoft unveiled its response to hybrid work, the Windows 365 Cloud PC, at Microsoft Inspire. The new Microsoft solution provides users with their own Windows desktop in the cloud in the simplest way possible – individually configured and available at any time, usable with any end device, and ideal for constantly changing work locations. The announced support of the Cloud PC by ThinPrint’s cloud printing solution ezeep ensures that this flexibility does not end when it comes to printing.

The Cloud PC will be available in two versions, enterprise and business. While the enterprise variant integrates with the corporate network via a hybrid AD, the business variant is hosted entirely in the Azure Cloud via the Azure AD.

ThinPrint’s cloud printing solution ezeep supports both versions and adds many key printing features to the Microsoft Windows 365 Cloud PC, including:

  • Cloud management of printers – no need for cumbersome logon scripts, policies, etc.
  • User Self Service Portal also for printers – reduces helpdesk tickets, results in more satisfied and productive users.
  • Optimized speed and print quality.
  • Local printer support for Cloud PC in the browser – working from any device won’t fail because of lack of printing.
  • Network printers for Cloud PC business – even smaller environments can efficiently connect printers in offices instead of managing printing individually per user.
  • Network printers outside of the Active Directory – printers can thus be connected not only in home offices but also at any location, for example, on-site with a customer.
  • Local printing support for Chromebooks and iPads.
  • Native Windows printer driver support for Macs – far better support for printer features and models especially for low-cost, efficient printers.
  • Zero trust printing via ezeep Hub in network and home offices – work and personal data remain securely separated even in the home office as print data is not routed through users’ private devices.

Using ezeep ensures that the hybrid work approach of Windows365 doesn’t fail due to printing. ThinPrint also offsets the amount of CO2 for each printout its customers make by supporting the initiative.

“Printing continues to play an important role in everyday work-office life. That’s why it’s important that hybrid work doesn’t fail because of printing,” said Charlotte Kuenzell, CEO at ThinPrint. “With the new Cloud PC and ezeep’s cloud printing, companies are well prepared for the new hybrid work era.”

More information on printing with ezeep for the Windows 365 Cloud PC will be available to interested parties in a webinar held on August 11. Information and registration:

About ezeep:

The future of printing is ezeep. With ezeep, printing is dramatically simplified, enabling any device to print to any printer – whether with the ezeep printer driver from PC or Mac, via app for smartphones and tablets or even by web-based drag & drop for the occasional user.

Consumers print unlimited and – naturally – free-of-charge to their own printers and, depending on the provider, free or at a cost to external printers. This makes printing as easy as making a phone call, eliminating the need for any user support. Companies can lower the infrastructure demands on their printer setups in branch offices worldwide, thanks to ezeep, drastically simplifying their administration. With this, the total costs for deploying printers is significantly reduced.

Coworking spaces, universities, exhibition grounds, train stations, airports and kiosks can not only make their printers publicly available with just a single click, but also charge for printing with ease. The same applies to private users or cafés which want to share their printers with others. Printers are thereby transformed into sources of income, not costs. Open interfaces enable integrations with existing solutions, such as for user and resource management, cost control or compliance monitoring for maximum cost savings via automation. A constantly growing ecosystem of standard integrations by development partners makes these benefits also available to non-technical users.

By reducing costs and removing all technical requirements, whilst providing the ability to use third-party printers at any time, ezeep ensures that in the future people will be able to print from almost every location quickly and easily, for whatever reason they might have. ezeep is committed to minimizing the CO2 footprint of printing and ensuring that printed paper can be a meaningful, productive and responsible alternative to screen-based information consumption. For more information, please visit:

Media Contacts:

North America:
Kendra Westerkamp, VisiTech PR
Phone: +1-303-752-3552, email:

Rest of World:
Silke Kluckert, Public Relations Manager
Phone: +49 30 39493166, email:

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