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Acer America Corp. is a computer manufacturer of business and consumer PCs, notebooks, ultrabooks, projectors, servers, and storage products.


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July 13, 2021 | ChannelPro

Fujitsu Unveils Industry’s First All-In-One Scanner and Multi-Cloud Management Service with New EdgeXperience Capture Service

Offers First-to-Market Flexible Monthly Subscription

Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Inc., a leader in imaging solutions, today announced EdgeXperience Capture Service, an industry-first Imaging Solution as a Service (ISaaS) public cloud offering that accelerates data-driven digital transformation to meet the challenges of today’s distributed business environment. Built on the intelligent, scalable and secure PaperStream NX Manager – Cloud, EdgeXperience Capture Service allows businesses to drive operational efficiencies, reduce costs, scale as needed and implement with minimal disruption.

“Microsoft is proud to recognize Fujitsu as a Preferred Member of the Microsoft Content Services Partner Program. Innovations such as Fujitsu’s Edge Imaging Technology can be instrumental in accelerating customers’ adoption of Microsoft 365”

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Providing all of the benefits of data capture with PaperStream NX Manager – Cloud, the EdgeXperience Capture Service ISaaS platform is available as a first-in-the-industry subscription service model with convenient month-to-month payments, giving businesses the flexibility they need to scale up or down at a moment’s notice. EdgeXperience Capture Service also presents opportunities for deeper business optimization through the use of data analytics and insights, and can provide intelligent updates to IT management, even if they aren’t in the office with the scanner.

“As we looked at the future of digital transformation, our team was inspired to push beyond what’s been offered before, creating a first-of-its-kind ISaaS solution that delivers a significant reduction in IT costs for businesses making the move to the cloud,” said Daisuke Kutsuwada, president and CEO of Fujitsu Computer Products of America. “EdgeXperience Capture Service presents a simplified offering designed for professionals who require high-performance scanner hardware, intuitive software and cloud-based technologies that can ramp up quickly and work with on-premises, private or public clouds.”

Combined with this first-ever subscription software as a service is the Fujitsu fi-7300NX document scanner, providing superior paper handling and image cleanup technologies. This service enables businesses to convert costs from CAPEX to OPEX, as well as enhance their current processes with additional functionality. This is done with nominal administration and IT costs by automating paper-based workflows, sending high-quality images and data to various destinations starting with email, fax, Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft Azure Blob Storage, SharePoint Online, and AWS S3 Storage with many more integrations to come in the near future. By partnering with independent software vendors, Fujitsu has created ready-to-use subscriptions providing one-step workflows into vertical focused applications.

“Microsoft is proud to recognize Fujitsu as a Preferred Member of the Microsoft Content Services Partner Program. Innovations such as Fujitsu’s Edge Imaging Technology can be instrumental in accelerating customers’ adoption of Microsoft 365,” said Chris McNulty, Director of Product Marketing, Microsoft 365. “The direct integration with Microsoft SharePoint, SharePoint Syntex, Teams, and Viva allows customers to migrate their content management requirements to the Microsoft 365 platform which provides more business value and accelerates the speed and agility of their business.”

“Fujitsu’s EdgeExperience Capture Service is a powerful onramp for our intelligent document processing solution, Semantik Invoice,” said Stephen Boals, SVP of Strategy at Ephesoft. “Distributed organizations can now provide a single, repeatable and fully automated flow of invoices into our AI-powered, accounts payable cloud service for highly accurate data extraction and seamless integration into any ERP. Fujitsu’s EdgeExperience Capture Service and Ephesoft customers can take their digital transformation efforts to the next level and recognize ROI fast.”

“As a provider of Document Capture and Content Management solutions for 30 years, the EdgeXperience Capture Service solution Fujitsu has developed is what the marketplace has been wanting for quite a while. This solution is perfect for today’s distributed capture workflow, not requiring anything but a scanner and a cloud solution to manage the images” said Larry D. Cohn, President, Business Process Automation Company. “As more and more customers require a standalone capture and indexing solution, along with clear image processing, EdgeXperience Capture Service makes capturing documents as easy as can be! Additionally, integration to Business Process Automations Company’s solutions for archiving, advanced capture and workflow solutions, the Fujitsu solution allows for easy release to the ‘back end needs’ of my customers.”

Fujitsu’s Edge Imaging Technology is designed to modernize businesses, utilizing on-premise, private cloud and public cloud, such as EdgeXperience Capture Service. The technology permits businesses to transform critical paper-based data into actionable information, further driving innovation in the document scanning space.

“We have used document imaging scanning devices for years, but Fujitsu’s EdgeXperience Capture Service provides an imaging solution that allows us to scale as our business grows, having peace of mind of the reliability and security Fujitsu is known for,” said Kristin Ostby, President and CEO at Boys Hope Girls Hope. “While the fi-7300NX document image capture quality is by far the best in the industry scanning items of all sizes within a new pay-as-you go public cloud model simplifies complexities for our IT team.”

EdgeXperience Capture Service provides direct out-of-the-box connectivity to major cloud destinations, including Microsoft 365 applications (Outlook, OneDrive, SharePoint Online), Microsoft Azure Storage, Cloud Fax, Amazon AWS S3 and many other integrations coming in the near future. PaperStream NX Manager – Cloud pushes the fi-7300NX scanner to new limits by creating a direct connection from the scanner into the Cloud, and with a simple tap and scan, data is immediately available in the user’s chosen destination or application.

Many of today’s “scan to the cloud” implementations are complex, requiring a significant upfront financial investment, long-term contracts or a robust IT team to fully on-board and customize the integration. EdgeXperience Capture Service offers the flexibility of a month-to-month subscription model, while providing a turn-key solution.

Ultimately, this new-to-the-industry subscription model provides businesses of all sizes with the easiest option for direct scanning to the cloud. EdgeXperience Capture Service allows for completely PC-less scanning and is incredibly easy to implement into your existing cloud infrastructure. Fully integrated with built-in security features from the initial scan to cloud delivery, you can be certain that Fujitsu offers a secure scanning process from start to finish.

Pricing and Availability

EdgeXperience Capture Service is available in convenient month-to-month payment options, and includes the high-performance fi-7300NX document scanner with PaperStream NX Manager – Cloud and Easy NX Connect API connectors to simplify integration into your business applications with minimal disruption. It also includes NFC card(s) for user authentication and a one-year warranty.

The EdgeXperience Capture Service subscription starts at $69.95 per month, for up to 25,000 pages and up to five users. Additional scanned pages are $0.005 per page. Custom subscription plans are available for specific customers and resellers who require larger scanning volume, as well as one single tenant management requirement.

For more information visit To sign up for the platform, visit the Microsoft Azure Marketplace or connect with an authorized IT reseller such as Quality Associates Incorporated.

About Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Inc.

Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Inc. has been delivering industry-leading imaging solutions and unsurpassed customer experiences for more than half a century. Our portfolio unlocks the full potential of document scanning with scalable software that captures the data from every document in the highest quality possible, and saves it in the cloud or using it as an on-premise solution. Together with our partner network, we help organizations work more efficiently, make their workflows more reliable and make data processing faster, so our customers can leverage their full digital potential. Learn more at

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