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Acer America
Acer America Corp. is a computer manufacturer of business and consumer PCs, notebooks, ultrabooks, projectors, servers, and storage products.


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October 7, 2020 | ChannelPro

Confluera Launches Innovative Reseller Program to Advance Detection and Response Capabilities in the Global XDR Market

Tevora is the first partner to utilize program designed for simplicity, ease of use and maximum autonomous detection and response capabilities

Confluera, the autonomous detection and response company, today announced the launch of its Confluera 2020 Reseller Program which will be underpinned by its state-of-the-art technology to autonomously detect and respond to cybersecurity incidents.

“By joining the Confluera 2020 Reseller Program, Tevora is honored to be uniting with Confluera to offer advanced security response services to our customers”

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Tevora is the first partner to join the program, leveraging Confluera’s autonomous platform to build strong detection and response capabilities into their offerings, generating high profitability in a short time period. The program is designed from a reseller perspective to be easy to use, simple to deploy and maximum detection and response security capabilities.

“At Confluera, we are committed to helping protect customers to autonomously detect and respond to cyberthreats, and we realize that our partners like Tevora are critical to achieving that mission. The newly launched Confluera 2020 Reseller Program exists to empower our partners with the cybersecurity expertise, products and services they need to differentiate themselves from the competition, and stay protected from today’s continuous cyberthreats,” said Mukesh Singh, Vice President of Sales, Confluera.

Confluera’s innovative technology Confluera XDR, which automates cloud and data center infrastructure breach detection and response by sequencing attack steps along the kill chain, automatically identifying and preventing multi-stage attacks. Powered by the Continuous Threat Interception engine, Confluera XDR delivers precise attack narratives—not alerts—eliminating alert fatigue, lowering the cost of security operations and reducing risk.

Today’s cybercriminals are relentlessly trying to exploit organizations with sophisticated hacking techniques, often resulting in devastating data breaches. To help overcome this, the Confluera 2020 Reseller Program is enabling organizations with a broad range of autonomous capabilities that deterministically track ongoing cyberthreats and intercept them before any damage occurs. The new partner program is delivering an innovative way to practice security, from a post-facto incident response to a real-time threat interception.

“By joining the Confluera 2020 Reseller Program, Tevora is honored to be uniting with Confluera to offer advanced security response services to our customers,” said Ray Zadjmool, CEO and founder, Tevora. “We can attest to the benefits of being a Confluera customer, and we have no doubt that the new reseller program will provide even stronger support for companies looking to enhance their detection and responses capabilities in order to differentiate and further grow their business.”

About Confluera
Confluera’s mission is to redefine the security paradigm by introducing autonomous detection and response capabilities to deal with modern cyberattacks. Confluera aims to turn security analysts into cyber defenders by enabling them to stop breaches in their tracks. Confluera is Co-Founded by Abhijit Ghosh, Niloy Mukherjee, and Bipul Sinha. Ghosh has a background in networking, security and real-time systems, Mukherjee’s background is in distributed computing, operational analytics, and artificial intelligence, and Sinha is the Co-Founder & CEO of Rubrik.


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