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March 11, 2020 |

Beachhead Solutions Adds Compliance Reporting to Mobile Device Security Solution

Part of SimplySecure for MSPs 6.6, which reached market this week, the new feature is designed to help businesses show auditors that data on lost or stolen PCs, Macs, and mobile devices is safe from unauthorized access.

Beachhead Solutions has added compliance documentation to SimplySecure, its security solution for mobile devices.

The new feature, called Compliancy Report, is the biggest enhancement to version 6.6 of SimplySecure for MSPs, which began shipping this week. Channel pros and their customers can use it to demonstrate to auditors that data on lost or stolen PCs, Macs, and mobile devices is safe from unauthorized access, and therefore not subject to the mandatory reporting requirements found in many regulatory mandates.

“This was designed specifically to sort of be a get out of jail free card,” said Cam Roberson, Beachhead’s vice president of channel sales, in a conversation with ChannelPro. “It basically details everything that an auditor would need to know to ensure that the device is compliant and therefore not a breach.”

Such data has long been collected by SimplySecure. Compliancy Report aggregates and formats it, however, in a manner that makes presenting it easier to anyone interested in verifying that rigorous security controls are in place on vulnerable or compromised hardware. 

Reports generated by the new feature show if strong password policies have been enforced on roaming devices; if data on those devices is encrypted or has been quarantined; if encryption keys have been wiped, or when they will be; and how many invalid logon attempts will trigger such safeguards.

“It’s all the elements that would demonstrate beyond a shadow of a doubt that that device was compliant,” Roberson says.

Using Compliancy Report also helps channel pros underscore the value of their security offerings to customers, he continues. “It’s demonstrable evidence that this particular MSP has security expertise in place and that they’re looking at security from a holistic perspective.” Roberson says, adding that IT providers who provide such evidence often enjoy sticker customer relationships and charge higher rates for security services.

“Compliancy Report is an especially welcome (and timely) addition to the Beachhead platform for MSP partners like ourselves,” said Craig Raubenheimer, owner of Boston-based MSP Roan Solutions Inc., in prepared remarks. “Regulations are getting tighter and tighter, and the ramifications of non-compliance—for MSP and clients alike—are steep. The easier that we as an MSP can prove data security compliance to auditors, the more efficient we can run our business (while continuing to earn the trust of our clients). Client employees will lose devices and auditors will come knocking, and it’s important to prove our security processes without a shadow of a doubt via clear reporting that demonstrates we have met all compliance mandates for ourselves and our clients.”

Beachhead shared prototypes of its compliance reporting tool with executives at Compliancy Group, a provider of compliance solutions and services.

“Unfortunately, unprepared businesses are running into ever-stricter regulatory requirements amid an uptick in data breach attempts,” said Paul Redding, vice president of partner engagement and cybersecurity at Compliancy Group, in a media statement. “The concurrent rise in the sophistication of attacks and regulatory enforcement actions only makes the need to demonstrate compliant security practices that more urgent. With SimplySecure and Compliancy Report, businesses have the perfect tools for the job when it comes to securing devices with encryption and access controls, and presenting exactly what auditors need to see to verify compliance. This is a particularly useful and timely addition to the platform from Beachhead.”

Other enhancements in SimplySecure for MSPs 6.6 include a modernized user interface designed to make using and navigating the system easier for technicians. “We’ve updated a lot of the look and feel of the solution,” Roberson says.

Beachhead shipped version 6.5 of SimplySecure, which offered new deployment and management options for Microsoft’s BitLocker encryption technology and stricter policy controls for USB memory sticks, among other features, last October.

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