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December 15, 2009 |

Spiceworks Moves Up-Market with Expanded Support for Larger Networks

Seventeenth version of the IT management application features full SSL encryption for greater security within organizations managing multiple offices and locations.

Spiceworks Moves Up-Market with Expanded Support for Larger Networks

Seventeenth version of the IT management application features full SSL encryption for greater security within organizations managing multiple offices and locations.

Spiceworks has made a move for larger networks, announcing that new, expandeSpiceworks Moves Up-Market with Expanded Support for Larger Networksd features have been designed and implemented to accommodate networks of up to 1,000 computers in multiple locations.

Spiceworks IT Desktop is a free social IT management application that aids automatic inventory maintenance as well as monitoring, troubleshooting, and reporting/addressing Help Desk efforts for IT networks. Embedded directly into the UI’s workflow are “crowdsourcing,” social networking, and community collaboration features.

The latest version is available for download via the Spiceworks Web site.

Now, says Spiceworks, the free IT management software includes such feature additions as real-time SQL server monitoring, enhanced scan scheduling, editable network maps, help desk queues, and SSL support.

“Currently, more than one in five organizations worldwide with 1,000 employees or less use the free Spiceworks software to mange their IT operations,” states a recent company press release.

Spiceworks co-founder and CEO Scott Abel adds to those figures, saying he expects that number to rise quickly. “Our user base continues to grow not only in number, but in the size and complexity of the networks our software helps manage,” he says.

Moreover, Abel says it is the company’s client-base that has requested the expansion of the Spiceworks application features. “Larger organizations have asked us for more sophisticated IT management capabilities typically found only in products that cost thousands of dollars and take days or weeks to implement,” he says. “Today we’re delivering several of their most popular feature requests and look forward to adding more in the coming months.”

This is the 17th version release of the Spiceworks IT Desktop software. Features include:

  • Real-Time SQL Server Monitoring–This provides real-time monitoring of key SQL Server performance metrics, including transaction load, I/O throughput, and disk space consumption, all of which are trended over time.
  • Dynamic Scan Control–Giving users more flexibility and control over the ways their networks are scanned, this feature includes such abilities as individual and customized scan setting by device, subnet, or department. Better support for remote locations is also included.
  • SSL Support–Offering full SSL encryption for greater security within organizations, this feature is especially useful for MSPs using the software to remotely manage multiple offices and locations.
  • Customizable Network Maps–This feature provides the ability to create and view multiple network maps, edit existing network elements and add new elements, change the layout and organization of the elements, and add annotations.
  • Help Desk Routing and Queuing–Enabling users to group and work Help Desk tickets based on the content or source in the ticket (such as “all printer problems” or “tickets from the marketing organization”), this feature also provides the ability to base “rules” on any data attribute in the system, including title, summary, source, severity, employee, or other user-defined attributes.
  • International Support–Translations of the Spiceworks software are available in over 10 languages, including German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Dutch, Danish and Croatian. All translations were crowdsourced by the Spiceworks user community.

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