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HTG Peer Group Members Gain Financial Liaison


HTG Peer Group Members Gain Financial Liaison

(Harlan, IA) – HTG Peer Groups announced today that GreatAmerica will add a financial resource to help its members bridge the gap between the financial and technical aspects of selling solutions. GreatAmerica Financial Services has dedicated Nicole Mead to work with HTG members to introduce financing options.

Expanding Our Mindset and Preparing to Innovate

By Israel Lang

In the first blog post of this series I introduced my concern that most small to midmarket IT organizations are failing to innovate. They have shifted into the status quo of cost leadership, trying to maintain margins or remain competitive in an MSP market that all tastes a bit vanilla bland.

You are likely saying, “Israel, you’ve made your point.  So what? Now what?”

Houston, we have a problem: 3 Mindsets that Keep You Stuck

In my career spanning a bit over 20 years in the IT industry, I have seen the Internet  penetrate rural America and the cell phone transform from a flip phone to the iPhone X.  I have also seen evolutions within the service models used by MSPs.

Now I sit on the other side of the table as a facilitator and consultant attempting to help those I walk alongside to run effective, efficient, and in many cases growing companies.  I attempt to help them go further, faster.

Patterns and Trends

One of the many powerful constructs used in StratOp is Pattern and Trends. It’s a simple concept but provides insightful perspective used to put the right plan in place. During the StratOp process, our facilitators, coaches and consultants consistently see a few patterns and subsequent trends that begin to emerge.


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