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MNJ Technologies Is Keeping People Social Despite Social Distancing: Page 2 of 2

According to company exec Ben Niernberg (pictured), the Midwest solution provider is helping employees and customers maintain personal connections at a time when the coronavirus has made physical closeness dangerous. By Rich Freeman

“We have incredibly strong relationships with our partners, both from a distribution standpoint and an OEM standpoint,” he says. “Because we had such strong relationships and such fantastic processes in place, we were just able to react better and get the attention that we needed to fulfill the needs of our customers.”

Niernberg offers two further pieces of advice for fellow channel pros to emulate in these turbulent times:

  • Set expectations well in advance: Customers focused urgently on here-and-now requirements when their offices closed have thanked MNJ for warning them early about the four or five additional issues they would need to address in the coming weeks in areas like security and bandwidth. “We’ve done a really good job of being proactive,” Niernberg says.
  • Lean on partners for help: MNJ has long cultivated relationships not just with distributors and hardware makers, but fellow channel pros as well. That has proved to be enormously helpful lately when the company simply hasn’t had enough staff to support its clients. “Make sure you have a vast network of other companies that are there help fulfill your needs during peak times,” Niernberg advises.

Above all though, he adds, never lose sight of the fact that everyone’s needs at present revolve as much around human connections as technological ones. “We continue to try to lead by example and help open that up for other companies,” Niernberg says.

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