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March 19, 2024 |

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Nanitor Takes on Unified Security with an MSP Focus

The up-and-coming cybersecurity solutions provider talks about securing end users while making MSP lives easier.

In a comprehensive discussion at ChannePro LIVE: Chicago, Derek Melber, chief strategist at Nanitor, fielded questions about how MSPs can deliver better cybersecurity protection for their clients.

Nanitor, a cybersecurity solution provider headquartered in Reykjavik, Iceland, has been working hard in recent years to establish itself as a leading security voice in the IT channel.

The Benefits of a Unified Approach to Security

Traditionally, MSPs have juggled multiple tools from various vendors to address things like vulnerability management, misconfigurations, patching, identity security, cloud security, and the external attack surface.

“Our product is different because we take a unified approach. It’s very MSP-centric,” Melber said. He pointed how much security functionality is integrated into its product and how easy their single, centralized dashboard is to use.

The multi-tenant architecture is also especially beneficial for managing multiple clients simultaneously.

Derek Melber Chief Strategiest Nanitor

Derek Melber

That simplicity also makes explaining risk to customers much easier. It also helps MSPs gain buy-in from decision-makers on the prioritization of security investments.

“The way we present information is ideal. Having a single stream of information instead of 5 makes it much easier to identify what needs to be worked on,” he offered.

Streamlined Remediation and Prioritization

Nanitor’s platform excels in remediation management, offering MSPs a clear and organized way to address vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. By leveraging industry-standard databases and AI, the system not only identifies issues but also provides detailed guidance on remediation.

This approach is beneficial for MSPs that are managing diverse technologies, as it equips them with the knowledge to tackle configurations and vulnerabilities even in areas outside their expertise.

“So, if someone isn’t very familiar with Cisco but they have a misconfiguration, our system is going to tell them what needs to be fixed and how to fix it.

They don’t have to be gurus of everything, they just have to understand where to go in the solution. We provide the rest. It’s a game changer for things like zero day threats,” he said.

Taking a Partner-First Approach

A big part of Nanitor’s value proposition is its organizational maturity. Many small cybersecurity solutions vendors can’t boast about having close to a decade business with a seasoned development team.

“We’re very nimble. We had one potential customer come to us and say we ‘we need GLBA  compliance’, and our response was, if you’re serious, we can add that in a couple of weeks,” he said.

Melber also described Nanitor’s partner-centric approach to customer service. He described a recent issue where a customer was having a problem getting set up. When the data wasn’t flowing in as they expected, their team was monitoring from the back end and assisting proactively.

“We’ve dedicated ourselves to customer support and making sure that that we give them the quality support. Not only in a ‘reasonable’ amount of time, but quickly,” Melber noted.

Nanitor sponsors and attends industry events like ChannelPro LIVE for far more than brand awareness. The goal is to foster communication and feedback that can continuously refine its offerings.

“I do a lot of events a lot, and this has been fantastic. The flow was wonderful, the attendees were very attentive. I love connecting with MSPs, they ask great questions and always want to know more,” he said.

Final Takeaways

When asked to share any parting thoughts, Melber described Nanitor as an open book.

“If MSPs want a proof of concept, we offer that. We’re about to potentially offer an NFR (not for resale) option for MSPs so they can see what they’re going to be selling if they partner with us. They won’t have to ask, it’ll just be right there, accessible.

“We also have very aggressive pricing, which is a win-win. It’s a win for the MSP to gain more business. It’s also a huge win for the customer, not having to pay a ridiculous amount of money for something they really need.”

Image: iStock

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