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January 9, 2024 | Dux Raymond Sy

3 Tips to Fuel MSP Growth in 2024

Here are some tips to help IT services providers boost business and deliver value to SMBs.

We’re experiencing massive growth among SMBs globally, which presents a big opportunity for the broader ecosystem to thrive.

According to the World Bank, SMBs now represent more than 90% of businesses, and more than 50% of employment worldwide. But often, they lack internal IT resources, which is where managed service providers come into play.

MSPs are trusted advisors and partners for SMBs, helping them navigate the complex and ever-changing digital landscape. They supply essential services such as cloud migration, data backup, cybersecurity, and software management.

But how can services providers succeed in this competitive and dynamic market? Here are some tips to help MSPs grow their businesses and deliver value to SMBs.

Identify Market Opportunities

Managing SaaS operations and providing digital collaboration security has been a challenge for a few years—and it’s still a big priority. MSPs today can use AI and machine learning security solutions to identify issues before they escalate.

Dux Raymond Sy of AvePoint

Dux Raymond Sy

For example, human error was the cause of 95% of cybersecurity incidents, according to the World Economic Forum. With this, MSPs can leverage AI-powered software specifically designed to govern and classify sensitive data – as well as software that provides predictive data analysis to identify and forecast business trends, predict demand for their solutions, and streamline operations by uncovering relationships across the data environment.

SMBs often don’t have programs to make personnel security-aware, another area ripe for MSPs to deliver high value. MSPs can offer training sessions, webinars, newsletters, and quizzes to educate SMBs on best practices and common threats. They can also use gamification and incentives to motivate and reward employees for following security policies.

Invest in Marketing

To stand out, business leaders should build connections on social media, create helpful content using generative AI to establish thought leadership, optimize websites for search visibility, and leverage vendor resources to amplify reach.

The goal is to expand visibility and credibility with SMBs through consistent, insight-driven marketing. As MSPs compete for their share in an increasingly crowded market, marketing is a critical component of success – not only drawing eyes to their solutions but laying the foundation for ongoing business growth.

Local meetups also build brand awareness. I used to speak at local project management meetup groups regularly when I started my own MSP prior to joining AvePoint. In these meetings, I shared tips on using SharePoint, and members got to know and trust me over time. I still collaborate with many of those connections in some capacity today.

Depending on their target audience, MSPs also can consider conducting virtual meetups – live Q&As, educational sessions, or expert panels – offering a straightforward way to educate current and prospective customers on their services, and boosting attendance for customers who cannot attend in-person engagements.

Continuous Learning is Key

Ongoing learning is critical for MSPs to remain competitive – allowing them to stay ahead of market trends, forecast customer demands, and grasp emerging technologies like AI. In fact, more than half of the workforce needs new skills to get their jobs done, according to Gartner.

To fuel growth, MSPs should identify skills align with their passions, innate abilities, and customer needs to maximize value. Rapidly building marketing capabilities is the area MSPs need to urgently improve to reach SMBs more effectively. This includes using AI and machine learning to deliver the best services, so staying on top of technology shifts also will be key. Ultimately, MSPs have a unique opportunity to capitalize on all the services SMBs need today. By identifying market opportunities, investing in marketing, and prioritizing continuous learning, MSPs can grow their businesses, differentiate themselves from other market players, and deliver competitive value to SMBs across the country.

Dux Raymond Sy is chief brand officer of AvePoint.

Image: iStock

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