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February 22, 2023 |

Addigy Releases 2023 State of Apple Device Management Industry Report for MSPs

Results show MSPs that manage Apple devices charge 2x as much as MSPs that don’t and reveals a continued increase in Apple device usage

MIAMI — February 22, 2023 — Addigy, the only cloud-based, multi-tenant Apple device management software that makes it easy for managed service providers (MSPs) and corporate IT teams to monitor, manage, and secure Apple devices from a single location, released its 2023 State of the Apple Device Management Industry Report for MSPs, which surveyed 480 MSP professionals worldwide on Apple device management pricing, managing Apple devices, and the growth of Apple devices in the workplace. 

Managing Apple devices creates a new line of business for MSPs to offer at premium prices. According to the report, MSPs managing Apple devices charge twice as much as MSPs that don’t. They also generate more in annual recurring revenue (ARR).

“Given the unique complexities of managing and securing Apple devices in the workplace, MSPs can easily charge a premium for these services without worrying about customers pushing back,” said Jason Dettbarn, founder and CEO of Addigy. “In our experience, businesses that buy Apple endpoints expect to pay a premium for managing and securing, as the devices are priced higher than their competitors and require an elevated level of service.”

The survey found that the use of Apple devices in the workplace continues to grow, driving more revenue for MSPs embracing the new era of Apple. Sixty-five percent of all survey respondents shared that they expect the use of Apple devices among their business customers to increase in the next 12 months.

The top two reasons MSPs don’t manage Apple devices are because they can’t — not because of a lack of customer need. 

The report identified the following reasons for MSPs not managing Apple devices:

  • Managing macOS devices is a pain in the Apple (30 percent)
  • I don’t have an Apple expert on my team (28.3 percent)
  • None of my clients have Apple devices (28.3 percent)
  • My technicians refuse to touch them (5.7 percent)
  • Other (3.8 percent)

The report also highlights the top challenges MSPs face when it comes to managing macOS devices:

  • Keeping operating systems and software up to date (30.2 percent)
  • Establishing a fast, reliable connection to remote devices (25.2 percent)
  • Maintaining security and compliance (20.8 percent)
  • New user onboarding (18 percent)
  • Other (5.8 percent)

The report also highlights how MSPs view the security of Apple macOS devices in the workplace. Despite the risk of hacking and malware for Apple users higher than ever, 33.9 percent of MSPs believe Apple macOS devices are more secure than Windows devices and need very little day-to-day management.

“Generally considered to be among the most secure endpoints on the market, Apple macOS devices are not immune to cyberattacks,” Dettbarn said. “By staying vigilant and proactive, regularly updating devices, educating customers, and specializing in managing Apple endpoints, MSPs can minimize the risks of potential security threats, ensure client IT environments remain as secure as possible, and generate additional MRR.”

Click here to download the Addigy 2023 State of the Apple Device Management Industry Report for MSPs.

About Addigy
More than 4,000 organizations across the globe trust Addigy to help their IT teams manage Apple device security, inventory, reporting, mobile device management, policies, and troubleshooting. Addigy is the only cloud-based, multi-tenant Apple device management software that makes it easy for managed service providers and corporate IT teams to monitor and manage employees’ macOS, iPadOS, and iOS devices from a single location, anywhere in the world. Learn more at 

Media Contact:
Christopher Joseph (CJ) Arlotta
CJ Media Solutions for Addigy
C: 631-572-3079


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