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August 5, 2009 |

Symantec-Intel Alliance Seeks to ‘Empower SMBs to Collect Greater Efficiencies’

Cost-savings and security benefits touted by the hardware-software team.

Symantec-Intel Alliance Seeks to ‘Empower SMBs to Collect Greater Efficiencies’

Cost-savings and security benefits touted by the hardware-software team.

Today, SMBs everywhere try to get as much from their IT resources as they can without increasing spending. The Symantec-Intel Alliance says the management and protection solutions of Symantec, alongside Intel technologies, are suited for that cost-careful mindset.

“Together, Symantec and Intel technologies empower SMBs to collect greater efficiencies, fuel innovation, and hone their competitive edge,” the Alliance states in a recent article

According to the Alliance, system builders find themselves caught between four conflicting pressures:

  • Rising Demand–There is an insatiable market appetite for real-time analysis, streaming media, and storage capacity. The Symantec-Intel Alliance says this hunger is “straining corporate IT resources.”
  • Energy Costs–“The average PC squanders nearly half the electricity it draws,” says the Alliance, adding, “a typical server loses about a third of its power as heat.”
  • Security Threats–Malicious code threats increased 165 percent in 2008 and Symantec expects that number to rise this year.
  • Budget Restraints–Technology budgets are tighter than ever. Most IT budgets these days are flat or shrinking.

To help system builders find their way of this maze, the Symantec-Intel Alliance recommends using Symantec products in combination with Intel hardware. Doing so, says the Alliance, will help SMBs reduce the cost and complexity of IT ownership in four key areas:

  • Green IT–Symantec says the PC power management features of its Altiris Client Management Suite (CMS) and Intel’s vPro technology deliver immediate energy savings on the desktop. Symantec says its own Veritas solutions and Intel’s processors reduce server power consumption and cooling needs.
  • Manageability–CMS, along with Intel’s vPro technology can help SMBs manage an entire PC fleet centrally, says the Alliance. This reduces desk-side visits. The Alliance adds that Symantec’s management solutions and Intel’s processors lower administrative expenses and data center floor space requirements by maximizing system utilization.
  • Virtualization–According to the Symantec-Intel Alliance, Symantec’s Endpoint Virtualization Suite and Intel’s vPro technology combine the efficiencies of centralized management with the productivity of local computing. The Alliance adds that Symantec’s Veritas solutions and Intel’s processors help increase server availability and utilization.
  • Security–Symantec points out that its solutions, along with Intel vPro technology, guards against dangerous malware while streamlining patch management. Intel hardware and Symantec software, says the Alliance, enable businesses to protect, back up, and restore critical data more affordably and efficiently.

To learn more about what the Intel-Symantec alliance, visit the partnership Web site.

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