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Introducing CompTIA's Healthcare IT Community

The trade organization designed and launched the online forum as a means of providing channel pros with the resources needed to expand into healthcare IT. By ChannelPro

The Healthcare IT market opportunity is expected to exceed $50 billion by 2014. What solution provider wouldn’t want their business to get a foothold in a field with that much revenue potential, especially with the challenges of our current economic environment?

But creating a new practice isn’t as easy as it seems, as the healthcare IT space can be tricky without a solid understanding of the industry and its many regulations. How do you identify the right combination of solutions and services to offer physicians’ offices, clinics and related healthcare organizations?

Where does a solution provider get the necessary sales and technology training, and access best practices to help them build a viable healthcare technology practice?

One simple solution is to join the CompTIA Healthcare IT Community, which formed to address each of those business-oriented issues. This collaborative group of solution providers, vendors, distributors, and other medical IT professionals focuses on a common goal: identifying and tackling the challenges and opportunities in the creation, delivery, and service of healthcare-related technologies.

EMR (electronic medical records), HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), and other public policy initiatives are key focus areas for this group. This member-lead community is actively creating standards, best practices, and educational resources for IT businesses looking developing a health solutions practice.

It’s a business-development group foremost, ensuring the members have the skills and knowledge available to be successful in this space. The technology is a secondary objective, with a vendor-neutral approach to training and resources. For example, one initiative involves the creation of a healthcare IT guide/blueprint that will detail system design, installation best practices, and industry vendors/solutions.

Another key benefit to joining the CompTIA Healthcare IT Community is the networking opportunities it gives solution providers and the other industry though leaders. Through live and virtual meetings, the group gets a chance to meet others with similar issues or with solutions to problems they may be encountering as they build their practice.

Like other collaborative groups, members get the chance to make connections that can help their business and their industry standing.

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