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March 21, 2023 |

March 2023 ChannelPro Digital Edition

In this issue: 2023 State of the Channel | Inside an MSP Acquisition | Securing Multicloud | Smart Home Sensors | Today’s Sales Imperative

Welcome to the March 2023 digital edition of ChannelPro Magazine.

In This Issue

Top Areas for MSP Profits and Growth in 2023 According to Channel Pros

March 8, 2023 |

Economic headwinds and an increasingly complex marketplace are not deterring channel pros from focusing on strategic business growth.

Why Managed Services Are Key to Protecting Multicloud Environments

March 9, 2023 |

Hybrid and remote work persist in 2023, but many organizations are still struggling to secure their multicloud and hybrid cloud environments. MSPs can help bridge the gap.

3 Simple Steps to Train Your Sales Team to Succeed

March 13, 2023 |

Deploying new salespeople without proper training and knowledge of the evolving sales model is dooming them to defeat.

Vendor to Watch: HacWare

March 16, 2023 |

HacWare is an automated, AI-driven phishing simulations and training platform.

Building an MRR Service Around Smart Home Sensors

March 20, 2023 |

Installing, integrating, and supporting smart home sensors is a viable business model for channel pros.

Tech Industry Barriers Remain for Black Employees

March 21, 2023 |

Research from Info-Tech Research Group finds Black tech professionals are less satisfied with their jobs than their colleagues and face longer job searches and obstacles to advancement.

A View of Both Sides of an MSP Acquisition

March 28, 2023 |

The founder and CEO of MXOtech (now an Ntiva company) and an Ntiva VP provide an insider’s look at the M&A process that brought them together.

How AI Makes Our Cybersecurity Stronger—and Clients Safer

March 29, 2023 |

Nero Consulting invested early in solutions that leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to proactively prevent cyber attacks.

How to Hire and Retain Techs; Culture Matters

April 19, 2023 |

Savvy MSPs look for a cultural fit and soft skills over tech wizardry, then nurture both professional and personal needs to increase retention.

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