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Ask the Wrong Questions and You Hire the Wrong Person!

Interview questions are the foundation of determining who gets hired. Ask the wrong questions; hire the wrong person. Everyone acknowledges how difficult it can be sometimes to correctly identify good talent.  One reason behind that challenge is many companies utilize only one type of interview question.

There are 3 “must have” types of questions to ask during the interview process to improve the odds of hiring the right person.  They are:   Experiential, Problem Solving, and Critical Thinking questions.

The Salary Question – Illegal “Landmine”?

Is the age-old interviewing practice of asking a candidate about their current salary level or compensation history about to become illegal?

What ?????????????????

Several cities and states have already passed legislation that broadly prohibits companies in the private sector from asking questions about a candidate’s salary history.  And, to no surprise, legislation already passed in various states vary widely in terms of restrictions and conditions, each with their own individual nuances companies must follow.

Your “Best” Employee – 10 Top Traits

Much has been written and studies abound in the quest to identify those characteristics that make a good employee your “best” employee.  While there will always be differences of opinion, there are common traits that cross all roles and functions.

Desired traits in a “Best Employee” are also common across generational workforces.  Early identification of these traits in existing or new employees substantially improves a firm’s ability to succeed in today’s highly competitive and rapidly evolving VAR / MSP community.

“I Quit!” – Now What Does a Company Do?

With national low employment rate hovering around 4.1%, and unemployment for technical professions even lower, employee turnover seems inevitable.  And as many employers will tell you; that is sometimes good and sometimes bad for the company.

So, what should you do when a long term or even a short term, but high performing employee decides to leave?

First things first; don’t panic or make knee-jerk decisions in response to a resignation.   However unexpected or impactful, the world will not end.

Employees in 2017 – Easier to Lose; Harder to Replace

My employees are much easier to lose and harder to replace these days… This is the message more and more companies are experiencing in today’s shortage of technical talent. Anecdotal experience and studies abound to support this position, compounded by the fact that a recent report by the Society of Human Resources indicated 17% of […]

Top 10 Best Paying IT Jobs – 2016 Survey results

I recently came across the Information Week “Annual U.S. IT Salary Survey”, originally published November, 2016. This survey identified the Top 10 Best Paying IT Staff Jobs, and the Top 10 Best Paying IT Leadership Jobs.   Also revealed was some very interesting data regarding gender demographics, corporate perks, job satisfaction and training valued. In case […]


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