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A strategic approach along with a defined goal and target audience will help you get the most from your social media efforts. By Jennifer Oladipo
Reader ROI: 
SOCIAL MEDIA is a valuable tool for lead gen and client relationships if you take a strategic approach and have defined goals.
CONSISTENT ENGAGEMENT is key and may include staff contributions with their own accounts and/or a social media manager.
AUTHENTICITY IS IMPORTANT, so make sure to align your posts with your brand.
STRIVE TO MOVE relationships from social media into the sales pipeline.

Also, slide into a direct message (DM) when the time is right. “DMs are pretty much the secret sauce of social media,” says Jordan. “Comments tick you up in the algorithm so that you get more attention. But you do want to bring things to a personal conversation.” To that end, his company invests in an app that sends text alerts when people comment or send direct messages.

You might need a dedicated social media manager to engage with other people’s posts and ensure quick responses to others’ engagement. Seibert says any new marketing hires should be well versed in social. He suggests requesting a screen shot of candidates’ LinkedIn social selling index ( to see how well they engage.

Risky Investment?

Dave Seibert

As this story was being written in October, Facebook and its subsidiary, Instagram, suffered a total meltdown. Both platforms went down for several hours twice in one week, impacting more than 3.5 billion users. The outages highlighted the importance of moving social media relationships off the platform and into the normal sales process.

Social is “an investment in somebody else’s property,” notes Seibert. On the other hand, he says, it’s valuable beachfront property that puts small businesses on equal footing with large corporations (ad spending aside).          

“I have an account and you have an account, just like the CEO of Cisco, IBM, or Oracle,” he says.

Where to Post

Most channel pros use multiple platforms, but the successful ones are clear on the purpose of each. Here are some ways each of the most popular social media networks can help you achieve clear goals.

  • Facebook: Results vary, but its ginormous user base means you can get in front of people you might do business with, even if they’re not in work mode. Don’t bother to boost posts, though. If you have cash, ads have a better ROI targeted reach.
  • Instagram: This platform is excellent for showcasing your company’s personality to business owners in their 20s, 30s, and 40s. It’s also great for reaching that same crowd as you search for talent.
  • LinkedIn: The top network for B2B, it’s the best place to start or focus limited resources. Good for all-around brand building, direct outreach, sales messaging, and recruitment.
  • Twitter: This platform is a good format for showing your technical chops and sharing industry news. For larger companies, it has also become a customer service channel.
  • TikTok: Videos go viral quickly, but attention fades just as fast. Geared toward younger audiences, its reach is growing, and TikToks are often shared on other platforms.
  • YouTube: Video performs great on most platforms, but a YouTube channel can garner fans. Mike Bloomfield of Tekie Geek says he developed a general interest YouTube show during COVID lockdowns that generated attention and new business.

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