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Virtual sales meetings are likely here to stay, so channel pros need to overcome obstacles and hone new skills for making them work. By Megan Santosus

Despite the obstacles, virtual calls do have some distinct advantages, such as productivity. "I can make 10 virtual meetings per day with Zoom or maybe more," says Cargill, compared to half that number at best when conducting meetings in person. In addition, virtual meetings tend to be more substantive off the bat by eliminating small talk.

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They also expand your potential reach and messaging. "You can include more people in your presentation, " says Schmidtmann. There's more freedom to use visual tools such as slide decks, videos, and white-boarding, and he recommends incorporating as many visual elements as is comfortable.

After the meeting, reps should quickly follow up with an email, making sure to recap the highlights, address specific misgivings, and outline next steps. As for the call itself, Pang advises call organizers to assess what did and didn't work and practice those facets that need improvement.

Mastering virtual selling is likely to become a prerequisite for future success. "Once people figure out how virtual selling can be more effective, we may never go back to the good old days," Schmidtmann posits.

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