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Embracing the Opportunities of Partner Certification: Page 2 of 2

Certification highlights expertise and ensures customers that the partner is committed to excellence. By Alexandra Uhlherr-McGhee

Certification for Sustainable Growth

According to an IDC Vendor Spotlight, sponsored by SAP, only 13% of all partner applications have been certified by vendors. When you consider that 100% of apps in the App Store have been approved by Apple, there’s a lot of improvement that can be made on the enterprise side. Application certification is a dimension that many ecosystems have not yet fully embraced, even though it holds the promise of creating recurring revenue for partners.

Certifying consultants and preparing for the cloud are two fundamental pieces for beginning to build intellectual property (IP) that can be repeated for multiple different customers—the innovation is not a one-off, custom job. It’s replicable. With the advent of online marketplaces and app stores, customers are looking for assurance by their trusted vendor that additional apps integrate seamlessly and have been tested and certified for compatibility.

With application certification, partners will know how to implement the app and integrate it with other software for all future projects. For customers, application certification guarantees that an app works and that it’s safe. Of course, there are different tiers to app certification, but certifying your IP provides added verification for customers as well as more opportunity for sustainable growth.

Ultimately, certification is about making sure the customer knows what they’re getting and guaranteeing that the partner will be able to deliver the desired outcome. When customers feel confident that their business needs will be met—and see their projects delivering on those needs—partners will see return business and greater business growth. With certification, partners create new opportunities for success, both in the near and long term.

ALEXANDRA UHLHERR-MCGHEE is vice president for SAP Integration and Certification Center in the Americas region. She and her team have been working with thousands of SAP software partners over the years, guiding them on app integration best practices, and testing and certifying partner solutions. Having an education in linguistics and translation, she sees many parallels between how companies engage and build trust in corporate ecosystems, and how humans communicate across various cultures.

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