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July 8, 2024 |

3 Key Strategies for MSP Success from Titan Technologies CEO

Paul Nebb reveals what he does to overcome workplace challenges and maintain competitiveness in the IT services industry.

Most businesses are eager to move past Covid-19, but Paul Nebb knows that IT services providers still are navigating a landscape very much shaped by the pandemic’s lingering effects.

The founder and CEO of Central New Jersey MSP Titan Technologies said one of his biggest challenges this year is the continued change in the workplace post-Covid. “We have clients who are completely virtual, and we have clients I’ve never even met because they’re out of state.”

That said, there are three main ways he works to overcome this challenge and keep his MSP competitive: Attending industry events, networking with peers, and prioritizing security for clients. In fact, this strategy has helped Titan Technologies earn a spot as a reliable consultant for clients — not just the “computer guy.”

“We’re right up there with their doctor, lawyer, and accountant, as far as being a trusted advisor in their business,” said Nebb. When the client thinks about buying or selling their business, expanding the workforce, or dealing with hiring/firing, Titan Technologies is right there, he noted. “The right client is going to involve us as their IT professional at that table.”

Nebb sat down with ChannelPro to discuss his strategy on attending industry conferences, the importance of continuing education, and some of the reasons he loves being an MSP.

Mastering Industry Knowledge

Industry events carry much value to the modern MSP, Nebb said. One way it can help boost an MSP’s business is to see the opportunity to grow and evolve.

Paul Nebb of Titan Technologies

Paul Nebb

Continuing education for himself and his staff is important to Nebb. The information provided to MSPs at IT channel events always helps grow the business, he said. It helps Nebb and his staff stay on top of industry trends and updates. “We’re investing in ourselves and education now.”

Additionally, there are many advantages to being on site with vendors, as vendor education can be taken back to his clients to better protect and service them. “I treat this as continuing education, just as a doctor or lawyer keeping up with their professional knowledge,” Nebb explained. “This is me keeping up with my professional knowledge on behalf of my clients.”

This is especially true when it comes to the issue of compliance changes for different verticals for various clients. “My biggest challenge is educating myself,” Nebb said. “We’re doing a great job on these compliance requirements for our clients. In many cases, we’re the first ones to tell them about FTC safeguards and the requirements of penetration tests to meet cyber insurance requirements, as an example.”

A Security-first Stance

While every MSP provides a standard set of services for customers, many also specialize. For Titan Technologies, that means ensuring cybersecurity is a key part of its services.

“We lead with a security-first approach in everything we do,” Nebb emphasized. “At least we strive to do that.” Because of that security focus, Nebb can be selective in what he does and who he works with, one of the reasons he feels he’s successful.

When Titan Technologies started, managed services were mostly about lowering expenses for clients, giving them great service, and speeding up their computers. “Obviously, we’re still doing that,” added Nebb.

However, the landscape has evolved — and the stakes are higher now. Cyber threats have become more sophisticated, making a proactive security stance a necessity. This dedication to cybersecurity has differentiated Titan Technologies from other MSPs. The company has built a reputation of trust and reliability among its client base.

The Peer Connection

Collaborating with peers is another significant way for MSPs to succeed in business.

Relationships with his MSP peers have been key for Nebb, he said. That’s another activity that is important when attending industry events, he insisted. “There are online communities and groups like ChannelPro that have traveling road shows across the country. Make it a point to get to one of these.”

During these events, of course it’s important to network with vendors and attend their demonstrations and presentations. But don’t forget to also meet your peers, Nebb advised. “A lot of people think, even in their own hometown, that they should treat the MSP down the block like the gangs in ‘West Side Story’ and fight with them.

“But really, it’s the relationship with your peers, whether they’re across the state or across the country, that’s going to help you grow your business.”

James E. Gaskin contributed to this article.


Founder/CEO, Titan Technologies

  • Founded: 2008
  • Location: Freehold, NJ
  • Websites:;
  • Company focus: Technology services for clients mostly in Central New Jersey that typically have 10-50 workstations (up to 100). Its clients represent a broad cross-section of industries. Most use a specialized line of business application to run their businesses and rely heavily on that software being operational.

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