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July 2, 2024 |

Digital Agility: How MSPs Can Prepare Clients for Future Disruptions

Quickly adapting to technology can lead your MSP to success. Explore the concept of digital agility and its importance for businesses in today’s ever-changing landscape.

Businesses have faced major disruptions in the past few years, highlighting our heavy reliance on technology. For MSPs, the ability to pivot and adapt — known as digital agility — has emerged as crucial for survival and success.

Digital agility is like “being quick on your feet in the digital playground,” according to Mike Bloomfield, president geek at Staten Island, NY-based MSP Tekie Geek. When businesses rapidly leverage technology to accommodate change, not only do they benefit, but their clients do as well.

The Case for Digital Agility

Mike Bloomfield of Tekie Geeks

Mike Bloomfield

For MSPs’ customers, Bloomfield argued that digital agility is a must. It allows those SMBs to keep up with bigger players in the market, adapt quickly, and results in smoother operations as well as increased efficiencies, he said. “It’s like being able to change direction on a dime, which is crucial in today’s fast-paced market.”

This is significant in this era when online shopping is ubiquitous, remote working is prominent, and AI and IoT have changed how things are done. “Economic ups and downs can also force quick pivots, and new competitors can shake things up,” Bloomfield observed.

MSPs have a unique opportunity to help these companies by introducing them to the latest technology solutions, streamlining their processes, and strengthening their security postures, Bloomfield explained. “They provide solutions that can grow with the business and offer training and support to make sure everyone’s up to speed.”

How to Overcome Blockades

Clearly, there are some challenges with presenting digital agility to SMBs, Bloomfield acknowledged. Limited budgets, a reticence to drive change, as well as skill gaps and security concerns are chief among these.

To address this, MSPs should propose solutions that bring the most value. These also must demonstrate a solid return on investment. “Change management with good communication and training can ease resistance,” he said.

Industry analyst Anurag Agrawal agreed. The founder and chief global analyst at San Jose, CA-based TechAisle LLC observed that when MSPs bring the concept of digital agility to customers, they describe it in terms of digitization, or digitization and digitalization.

“This narrative is particularly true of MSPs who are positioning their infrastructure management offerings — which for the most part are vehicles for augmentation — as a means of achieving digital agility,” he noted.

Rather, a client’s objectives and its processes should drive digital agility, Agrawal insisted. “It isn’t possible to redesign tasks or create new IT-enabled opportunities within the client enterprise without developing a deep understanding of the client’s current state. [This will help map] a path that expands from task redesign to connected platforms that support entirely new work processes.”

Establishing a Better System

The pandemic accelerated a push for digital agility. But the requests began as somewhat of an afterthought, not rooted in sound business plans, Agrawal explained.

Anurag Agrawal of TechAisle shares insights on Dell Technologies

Anurag Agrawal

“They tended to have little additional budget attached to them, generally came without requests for new IT staff, and were delivered against a backdrop of badly disrupted supply chains and significant challenges to onboarding new contractors or employees.”

Clients understood that automating processes would drive efficiency during a time when human interactions were restricted. However, they failed to allocate the necessary resources to deploy solid strategies, he said. “It’s important to be aware of these challenges and be prepared to overcome them in the journey towards digital agility.”

Where MSPs Can Win

Today, there are significant opportunities for MSPs who commit to helping clients become digitally agile.

Through IT offerings, services providers can establish a business-level customer relationship that will secure ongoing and/or escalating account revenue and influence. “This will improve the business outlook — and enterprise value — of firms able to capitalize on customer needs for digital agility support,” Agrawal said.

To succeed at this, MSPs must develop the skills associated with deploying, connecting, and optimizing systems that enable agility, he advised. Channel pros also should build relationships with vendors leading in digital transformation tech, he noted.

“They must build, test, and evolve roadmaps that connect incremental technology benefits … and work with receptive customers to develop expertise in positioning digital agility to both business and IT management.”

5 Steps to Foster Digital Agility

  1. Assess Client Needs: Conduct thorough assessments to understand your clients’ current technological capabilities and future needs.
  2. Develop Customized Solutions: Tailor your technology offerings to address specific challenges and opportunities faced by your clients.
  3. Provide Training and Support: Ensure that clients are well-equipped to use new technologies through comprehensive training and ongoing support.
  4. Build Strong Vendor Relationships: Partner with leading vendors in digital transformation technologies to stay ahead of the curve.
  5. Create a Roadmap: Develop and continuously evolve a digital transformation roadmap that aligns with your clients’ business objectives.

Image: iStock

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