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August 25, 2021 | Bob Woods

5 Ways to Reconnect with Your LinkedIn Audience

Post-quarantine, here are some ways to use LinkedIn as a key part of your social selling strategy.

NOW THAT MORE AND MORE people are vaccinated for COVID-19 and restrictions are lifting, your channel partners and direct buyers alike are ready and willing to “get out there” and conduct business once again. Start reconnecting by leveraging LinkedIn, which has always been a great way to build relationships, offer real value, and be a resource.

LinkedIn really came into its own during the pandemic, with record levels of engagement and a 26% rise in sessions for its fiscal third quarter in 2020, according to the social media platform. It’s even more powerful today, especially in the channel where you can effectively integrate LinkedIn and social selling.

Here are five ways to use LinkedIn’s Notifications tab to reconnect with key members of your network to start sales conversations.

1. Mentions and Reactions. Whenever you “like” or comment on a post, LinkedIn tracks it and alerts you to when others have liked or commented on it. Use these alerts to engage with those who are taking the time to comment on posts. If you strike up a good conversation with someone in those posts, message them or connect with them and when it makes sense, ask them for a phone call or Zoom meeting.

2. New Position Alerts. LinkedIn alerts you when an existing connection gets promoted or changes companies. Send them a personalized message with information that might be helpful to them in their new position. For example:

[NAME], Congrats on your recent [promotion or job change] at [COMPANY]. Wishing you continued success. Should you require any resources regarding your new position, I’d be happy to share insights that might point you in a direction that could save you some time. Again, congrats!

3. Work Anniversaries. These alerts can be as important as job changes, as they are a great opportunity to compliment and congratulate a potential client. Be sure to make it personal, such as:

[NAME], Wow, I’m impressed! [XX] years at [COMPANY] and still going strong. Congratulations on your work anniversary and wishing you continued success. If you’d like help as you continue your career, I can share insights that can point you in the right direction. Again, congrats!

4. Happy Birthday Alerts. Sending a Happy Birthday note on LinkedIn is a great way to get back in touch with a potential client. At the same time, the message “pings” the radar of your prospects and other connections, letting them know that you and your company are still out there. Check their profile for any recent activity that you might be able to bring into the conversation. A personalized note may include something like:              

Happy Birthday, [NAME]! I loved your recent LinkedIn post about [topic]. Wishing you a healthy and successful year ahead! If you’re ever in need of anything, please let me know.

5. Who’s Viewed Your Profile. This underused feature of LinkedIn lets you see who has visited your profile, similar to Caller ID. Something brought them there; don’t you want to know why? This is especially important for first-degree connections, as they likely had a specific reason to visit your profile. Send them a message like this:

[NAME], I saw you looked at my profile. Did something specifically bring you to it? Perhaps it’s time to reconnect. Let’s set up a time to explore ways we might be able to help each other.

With more and more people—including your channel—ready to start doing business again, LinkedIn can be a powerful gadget in your sales toolbelt to renew key relationships. Use it wisely!

BOB WOODS is CMO at Social Sales Link, a LinkedIn and social selling training and consultancy firm. He was one of the first people on LinkedIn in 2003 and has used it for sales ever since. Woods has trained at companies like Experian, Penn Mutual, Fiserv, and UPS since 2014. Reach out to him at or on LinkedIn at

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