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Acer America Corp. is a computer manufacturer of business and consumer PCs, notebooks, ultrabooks, projectors, servers, and storage products.


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August 8, 2014 |

MobilePaks Updates Help Managers to Improve Onboarding Processes, Increase Seller Competency

New virtual mentoring features help companies get customer-facing employees up to speed faster so they can articulate the value of the solutions they are selling in order to close deals.

MobilePaks, a cloud-based marketing and sales enablement tool, now includes new features for real-time support and sales onboarding, helping companies get customer-facing employees up to speed faster.

Buyers are more sophisticated than ever before, so sales reps need to be able to clearly articulate and quantify the value of the solutions they are selling in order to close deals. Unfortunately, according to Sirius Decisions, today’s reps are lucky to get four or five days of onsite training before taking a territory. That means most onboarding is happening on the job through trial and error

MobilePaks can act as a virtual mentor by automatically recommending training bursts and reference aids in the CRM or sales portal, relevant to the salesperson’s need. The most recent updates to the tool are designed to make just-in-time training in the field even easier to implement and more effective at reinforcing learning.

Updates to MobilePaks include:

Assignments and Notifications
Now, managers can call out specific sales onboarding materials, sales kits, or playbook collections by assigning them to individual reps or groups based on their unique reference, program or coaching needs. These assigned materials are accessible to the sellers on a separate tab within MobilePaks and will be identified with a notification ribbon like “To Do” or “Due By”.

Recurrence and Sequencing
Managers can sequence Paks (short, interactive modules) inside of a Collection so they have to be completed in a certain order, enabling them to build on one concept after another. In addition, managers can set Paks to be automatically reassigned as frequently as they would like (ex: every quarter) to reinforce specific concepts.

Quick View
The new thumbnail views of what’s in a Pak helps a user to identify and access essential job or reference aids. For example, a rep might recall watching a short video on how to position the product in a Pak that was assigned to them earlier in the week. Now, they can jump to the asset and watch it again before calling the sales opportunity without having to page through the entire Pak.

Improved quiz and test features
Managers can now require a passing grade before users are given credit for taking a Pak. If the Pak is in a Collection and sequenced (see above), then the user will not be able to take the next Pak exam until they complete the failed Pak correctly. This is designed for defined onboarding paths and situations that require compliance to learning completion.

Assignment reporting
New reports allow managers to keep track of who has been assigned which Pak or Collection, whether they’ve completed it and, if so, what the results were. In addition, managers can gather feedback from reps regarding what they liked and didn’t like about a specific Pak and what they would like to see more of.

These updated features allow managers to correlate onboarding speed and seller competency with metrics such as pipeline to quota ratios and conversion rates.

“In order to stay one step ahead of buyers, sales reps today require modernized support that is real-time, personalized and in a format that is easy to digest and retain,” says Chanin Ballance, CEO, MobilePaks. “MobilePaks acts as a virtual mentor, by suggesting best next steps, activities, and assets when and where they need it (laptop, tablet, smartphone, or CRM) based on information in an opportunity record, assignments, and more.”

For more information, contact MobilePaks at 1-800-737-8481 or visit

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