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May 11, 2011 |

Tracing the Green IT Services Market

Green IT services are in high-demand from customers who want to save the environment and save on energy costs.

From reusable shopping bags to hybrid cars to biodegradeable coffee cups, green living has permeated every aspect of our lives, and IT is no exception. Green IT has been a buzzword in IT services for years. Whether it’s customers with environmental consciences or customers trying to save money on energy costs, people are interested in green IT services. CompTIA, the Downers Grove, Ill.-based non-profit IT trade association, even recently introduced a green IT certification program for providers so that customers know they are working with a reputable green IT services provider.

Martin Sinderman has been covering the green IT space for ChannelPro-SMB, and his insight is valuable for any IT service provider looking to get into green IT services. †

In his first green IT tip for ChannelPro-SMB, Sinderman examines the virtualization of security appliances for greener data centers.

Virtualizing Security Appliances for a Greener Data Center

Virtualizing security appliances is one of the newest strategies available for reducing energy consumption in keeping with the growing emphasis on greener, more energyefficient data centers. Faced with mandates to provide continuous and secure IT operations, data centers have experienced an explosion of security equipment/appliance sprawl that has greatly increased energy consumption, according to An Inconvenient Balance? Can the Data Center Go Green without Stifling Corporate Growth?, a recent white paper from Crossbeam Systems.

The Boxborough, Mass.-based security platform provider says that data center energy efficiency can be increased by enhancing processor resource utilization through virtualization–that is, the use of hardware and/or software to create multiple execution environments on a single computer. The report suggests that the resulting consolidation of security and other appliances can reduce energy consumed in operations and cooling by more than 50 percent.

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In a follow-up article, Sinderman discusses green IT as a whole, and how managed service providers can capitalize on the growing demand for green computing.

Green IT Opens Another Door for MSPs

Increasing emphasis on green computing has the potential to create new business opportunities for managed services providers (MSPs), although it’s probably not a game-changer in promoting adoption of this service delivery model among SMBs.

Today’s volatile energy costs and overall economic angst have focused more attention on green computing strategies and techniques on the part of both MSPs and their clientele, according to Dan Shapero, senior vice president of marketing for Kaseya, a global provider of IT automation software with U.S. offices on both the East and West Coasts.

“Green computing is ‘top of mind’ with many organizations,” says Shapero. “Offering green IT strategies to customers is a great way to both raise social consciousness and save customers money. And in today’s tough economy, there are few opportunities to do a good deed and save money at the same time.” Green computing is also a good fit for the MSP model of providing increasingly automated, ongoing IT support and services remotely.

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In his third article on green IT, Sinderman explores the market for green PCs. Sinderman finds that the green PCs have yet to dominate the market, despite their energy-saving (and cost-saving) capabilities.

Green PCs Make Headway in the Market

Driven by spiking power costs, demand is growing for energy-efficient, “green” PCs. But even with increasing numbers of system builders/manufacturers developing specialized green products, there’s apparently still a way to go before these products become dominant in the marketplace.

Efforts to create more energy-efficient PCs have focused on the internal power supply devices that convert AC power into the DC current that is the lifeblood of most electronics. In 2003, a study conducted by Ecos found that the typical desktop computer had a power supply running at 60 to 70 percent efficiency, “meaning that 30 to 40 percent of the power being drawn from the wall was being thrown away as heat and waste,” says Jason Boehlke, channel manager for the Portland, Ore.-based energy efficiency/sustainability consultancy.

Ecos’ 80 PLUS program encourages system builders to come up with more energy-efficient designs, “by publicly recognizing those that have reengineered devices to be 80 percent or more efficient across the usable band of power supply,” says Boehlke. Funded largely by electric utilities, the program has certified more than 700 power supplies as qualifying under the standard, and has provided more than $5 million in incentives to system builders for integrating these more energy- efficient power supplies into desktop computers and servers.

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