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ViewSonic and Microsoft Partner on Green Technology for Educators

The ViewSonic MultiClient will run on Windows MultiPoint Server 2011, and can run up to 10 full student stations from a single host PC, reducing power consumption and lowering hardware/software costs. By ChannelPro

ViewSonic has partnered with Microsoft to offer greener technology to educators with the ViewSonic MultiClient. Scalable for up to 10 full user stations and one host PC, the ViewSonic MultiClient enables multiple users to tap into the power of the one host PC, maximizing the efficiency of that one computer.

Previously, having 30 students in a classroom meant having 30 PCs (one for each individual). But with the ViewSonic MultiClient, the classroom only requires three PCs and 27 stations. Hardware and power costs are reduced without compromising performance, and allow the instructor to control the environment while the class is researching, creating content, or collaborating.

Using Windows MultiPoint Server 2011 (WMS 2011), teachers are able to manage and interact with each student's user station. Teachers can monitor activity, control individual program access, and share screens for collaboration. Teachers have the capability to project their desktops to one or all students, lock student keyboards and display messages, remotely open and close student applications, restrict Internet browsing to approved sites, and split the screen on displays.

IT service providers may want to consider pitching this product to any potential client in education trying to save money and power costs. With easy installation and a price of $1299 (for the ViewSonic MultiClient VMS700 Host Server) and $175 (for the Displaylink VMA20 MultiClient Adapter), the products will be available in August.

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