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Best Practices for Addressing Microsoft Teams Sprawl: Page 2 of 2

Sprawl can drain IT resources and money. Here are the best ways to help your customers manage it. By Willie Cash

Policies should be as comprehensive as possible. They should address the creation of new public and private teams, chats, and channels to avoid redundancy and improve accessibility. They should also address the “shelf life” of newly created channels—how long should users expect a channel to remain active before it’s archived? Don’t forget to address outside access. How, when, and why are outside users given access to internal Teams data and communications?

Once you’ve worked through these questions with your client, it’s time to act. This means formally establishing and communicating best practices and policies to the users. It means merging redundant channels and archiving dormant ones. It also might mean formal Teams training for users. All the better to manage sprawl.

These actions will help get your customer back to an efficient baseline for Teams. But without a regular, detailed view of their environment, there’s no way to enforce these hard-won best practices and governance. Tools like assessments and live dashboards help you see what’s happening, rather than guessing how employees are using the technology, and track that usage over time. Do we still have the same problems? Are users following best practices? Are new users adopting Teams? This detailed view of the environment helps maintain its most efficient version.

Think of managing Teams sprawl as perpetual spring cleaning you can help your customers with. Once you’ve cleared out the clutter and got your client’s environment humming along productively and efficiently, staying on top of it becomes less about heavy lifting and more about management. 

WILLIE CASH is the general manager of Voleer Americas at BitTitan, where he works with SMB and enterprise partner companies to identify and implement effective ways to drive solutions, grow revenue, and increase profits in their day-to-day businesses. Learn more about Voleer here

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