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Acer America Corp. is a computer manufacturer of business and consumer PCs, notebooks, ultrabooks, projectors, servers, and storage products.


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November 7, 2023 |

IT Industry Veteran Unveils Innovative Venture Croocial to Boost MSP Lead Generation

Carrie Richardson’s Croocial LLC is ‘reshaping the game’ by involving MSPs in content collaboration to expand business opportunities.

IT channel veteran Carrie Lynn (Simpson) Richardson has leveraged her long history of entrepreneurial success in the MSP space to form new company, Croocial LLC. The venture, which she officially launched in August, offers MSPs an opportunity to take a more interactive role in lead generation through content collaboration, said Richardson, Croocial’s “croo chief.”

“At Croocial, we’re reshaping the game. While managed podcasting companies focus on audience growth, content marketing firms sometimes misjudge their target demographics, and lead-gen agencies wrestle with diminishing returns. We’ve chosen a different path.”

Richardson explained that rather than simply creating content for MSPs and prospective clients, Croocial collaborates directly with them, transforming the content into a joint venture.

Carrie RichardsonCroo Chief Croocial LLC

Carrie Richardson  Croo Chief Croocial LLC

“Content creation is best guessing what your prospects will consume,” she said. “Content collaboration is inviting them to create rather than consume. It shows we value their thoughts, feelings, and opinions. Prospects don’t just passively read content collaboration; they willingly distribute it to their social networks. They are proud of the content they co-create.”

Croocial’s solution provides an opportunity for MSPs to better connect with clients, said Richardson. For each client, the company guarantees 52 meaningful conversations with targeted accounts each year. It also handles creating, publishing, and promoting content spanning audio, video, and written formats for MSPs and their prospective clients. Plus, Croocial offers a money-back guarantee.

While AI-generated content can be attractive to busy IT services companies, Richardson said it’s better to provide curated content that differentiates them from the competition.

“With so few efficient paths to prospects available, attraction rather than promotion has become an essential marketing strategy,” Richardson said. “There are zero reasons for most business owners to read an email or answer a phone call. Publishing great content earns MSPs the ‘right’ to interact with their prospective clients.”

Richardson is a subject matter expert in this field, previously incorporating and then exiting two companies. In 2014, she founded the outbound cold-calling agency Managed Sales Pros, which has supported more than 1,200 MSPs since its start. Richardson left that company in 2022, the year it was acquired by Next Level Solutions. Meanwhile, in 2016, she founded bespoke demand-generation service for vendors Everywhere Managed. The company was acquired by EBQuickstart in 2020.

The Million Dollar MSP Makeover

Croocial is celebrating its debut with “The Million Dollar MSP Makeover” initiative. The company has secured $1 million in consulting, services, and unlimited software licensing that one MSP will win in 2024. To enter the contest, the owner of the MSP must record a podcast with Richardson, sign a media release, and the winner must agree to participate in a monthly webinar. Interested MSPs can apply here.

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