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November 11, 2016 |

AppDynamics Unveils Business iQ – Delivering Real-Time Business Monitoring for the Digital Enterprise

Business iQ, a new App iQ performance engine, empowers enterprises to drive business and application performance with a single platform

Everyone from modern CIOs and line of business leaders to BizDevOps practitioners can now benefit from faster Mean Time to Business Awareness

November 10, 2016 08:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–AppDynamics, a leading application intelligence company, today announced Business iQ, a new App iQ performance engine, which builds on existing breakthrough technology to enable enterprises to drive business performance throughout every phase of their digital transformation journey. Built to empower modern CIOs to transition their organizations from servicing the business to driving the business, Business iQ enables enterprises to realize faster Mean Time to Business Awareness (MTBA).

“Enterprises must take a new approach to managing their businesses and applications in the digital transformation era. Modern CIOs need the tools that not only show the real-time health of their applications’ performance, but increase awareness into the business impact so they can make better business decisions.”

“Enterprises are under immense pressure to deliver growth through rapid software innovation to meet the high expectations of a new generation of connected customers,” said David Wadhwani, president and CEO, AppDynamics. “But business owners often aren’t aware of the impact of these changes on the health of a business until weeks or months later due to the disconnect with IT. Business iQ gives companies the real-time insights they need to take action in minutes.”

Introducing Business iQ: New App iQ Performance Engine for Enterprises to Drive Business Performance

With Business iQ, enterprises have the visibility they need and the right solution to monitor their businesses in real-time. As each company deploys more and more software across public, private and hybrid cloud environments, the lack of a common language between business owners and IT departments constraining enterprise agility. With Business iQ, AppDynamics is reinventing performance monitoring by combining application monitoring and business monitoring into a single platform that delivers a common framework for business owners and IT departments to speed up MTBA.

Legacy approaches to bring IT and business owners closer together relied on isolated operational analytics solutions, which made it difficult to reflect a holistic picture of a user’s entire journey and achieve visibility into the business. Now, business and IT users are empowered to unlock business insights and address issues in real-time that may impact the business with Business iQ capabilities, including:

* User Session Monitoring – Dive into user sessions to identify business outcomes using machine learning. Enterprises have the ability to troubleshoot performance issues faster with new access to Browser and Mobile Sessions data available from AppDynamics Real User Monitoring. With User Session Monitoring, enterprises can now conduct conversion funnel analysis and advanced segmentation on performance as well as business data in real time.
* Query Language Enhancements – Calculated values and support for complex filtering in the AppDynamics Query Language enables companies to calculate metrics and KPIs, such as the percentage of revenue derived from different product categories faster. The mathematical operators can now be used on numeric fields as well as aggregations enabling users to write powerful queries to create rich, derived metrics. The filter command allows for intelligent segmentation within queries.
* New Funnel Analysis – The completely redesigned out of the box funnel visualization creates KPIs related to bounce rate, conversion rate and the number of abandoners at each critical step—making it easy to visualize and understand user impact due to performance issues.

The AppDynamics Fall ’16 Release will deliver Business iQ, with rich capabilities for monitoring, managing and enhancing awareness into the real-time business health and performance of enterprise applications. Powered by rich and extensible data sets and application analytics technology, Business iQ provides enterprises with the intelligence to improve their business velocity and lower their MTBA, enabling them to take immediate action and drive better business outcomes. Enterprises can shrink their MTBA from days down to minutes, identify unplanned issues and aggregate business data into one holistic and unified view.

Comments on the News

* “We are in the thick of our digital transformation, leading us to reinvent ourselves and redefine our place in the industry,” said Qasim Ali, director of group IT services, Dixons Carphone. “This strategic path brings a lot of unknowns and in order to be successful, we need to be laser-focused on both business and application performance. With AppDynamics Business iQ, we can dive deeper into the user journey to fully understand where an issue may occur and do so within the context of the business impact, enabling us to make better decisions.”
* “Digital transformation is fueling a new generation of application development and innovation but is also increasing the complexity of IT and business operations,” said Mary Johnston Turner, research vice president of enterprise system management software, IDC. “Enterprises must take a new approach to managing their businesses and applications in the digital transformation era. Modern CIOs need the tools that not only show the real-time health of their applications’ performance, but increase awareness into the business impact so they can make better business decisions.”

The App iQ Platform is the foundation for AppDynamics’ unified suite of applications. Business iQ joins the existing intelligent performance engines, including:

* Map iQ–Helps IT clearly see and understand the customer journey, allowing AppDynamics to automatically create and dynamically update visual flow maps. Everything is revealed in the form of business transactions, the AppDynamics patented system which automatically discovers, intuitively names, and traces interactions as they propagate through the infrastructure.
* Baseline iQ–Establishes and manages thresholds which allows customers to understand users experience with their applications. Health rules are automatically created to trigger alerts when a deviation from the baseline is noticed, allowing proactive investigation of issues before users are impacted.
* Diagnostic iQ–Enables deep diagnostic capabilities including full code visibility when users need it most. Highly efficient, low overhead agents use patented algorithms and pattern recognition intelligence to distil data down to what’s most important. Then when problems occur, customers go deep. Full snapshots including code, database calls, and infrastructure metrics are captured and correlated, making it easy to determine root cause.
* Business iQ–Provides business-centric dashboards and analytics, creating a common language and partnership between IT and business teams, enabling them to leverage technology to help drive the business, not just support it.
* Signal iQ–Ingests, stores, and correlates the massive amounts of data gathered from AppDynamics. Capable of consuming trillions of events per month—from applications, infrastructure, and business metrics—Signal iQ streamlines the approach to big data, enabling better customer experiences and business decision making.
* Enterprise iQ–Removes the typical complexity out of deployment and management of monitoring solutions, by delivering an intuitive UI that makes configuration at scale a breeze. Additionally, it streamlines mapping, deployment, and maintenance at scale for even the most complex enterprise application environments. And to ensure the right people get the right access, role-based access control and policies provide appropriate data access and governance.

Modern CIOs have made it clear that they want simpler packaging and more capabilities from monitoring solutions that meet the unique monitoring demands of their businesses. To better address these needs, AppDynamics is introducing three new editions. The new Peak Editions include the innovative, enterprise-grade App iQ Platform and Business iQ capabilities in a single offering that delivers faster Mean Time to Identification, Mean Time to Resolution and Mean Time to Business Awareness. AppDynamics continues to invest heavily to make customers successful and offers a full range of deployment options that suit the unique needs of their business whether it is public, private, or hybrid cloud deployments. Peak Editions give enterprises additional choices on how they satisfy their monitoring needs.
Performance-obsessed enterprises, including DIRECTV, eHarmony, Kraft, MTV Networks, NASDAQ, Pearson, Progressive Insurance and Sephora use AppDynamics to deliver performances that exceed the expectations of today’s customers. With a single view of their application portfolios, the ability to drill into any particular line of the potentially billions of lines of code flowing through their environments, enterprises can deliver exceptional performance during their digital transformation. AppDynamics’ industry leading unified monitoring suite of applications, including Application Performance Management, End-User Monitoring, and Infrastructure Visibility enables companies to optimize every endpoint, node and microservice on the journey.

Pricing and Availability

* Business iQ is available as part of the new AppDynamics Peak Editions, which are generally available today
* Peak Editions are available in three offerings: APM Peak Edition, Real User Monitoring Peak Edition and Infrastructure Visibility Peak Edition
* Peak Editions are available for public, private and hybrid cloud environments enabling organizations to transform according to their own business requirements

About AppDynamics

AppDynamics is the Application Intelligence company. With AppDynamics, enterprises have real-time insights into application performance, user performance and business performance so they can move faster in an increasingly sophisticated, software-driven world. Our integrated suite of products is built on our innovative, enterprise-grade App iQ Platform. AppDynamics is the leader for its proven success and trust with the Global 2000, by enabling enterprises to accelerate their digital transformations. For more information, visit

AppDynamics reserves the right to change any planned features at any time before making them generally available as well as never making them generally available. Any buying decisions should be made based on features that are currently generally available.

AppDynamics is a registered trademark of AppDynamics, Inc. © 2008-2016 AppDynamics, Inc. All rights reserved. All other product and company names herein may be trademarks of their registered owners.


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