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Acer America Corp. is a computer manufacturer of business and consumer PCs, notebooks, ultrabooks, projectors, servers, and storage products.


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February 13, 2012 |

Romance and Computers: 5 Geeky Wedding Proposals

These computer lovers put their own creative spins on romance, and proposed to their partners in some of the most creatively geeky ways we’ve ever seen. Peruse our slideshow of true stories involving computer-savvy men and the women who said yes.

5 Wedding Proposals from IT Nerds

Love and IT may seem to go together like oil and water, but our Valentine’s Day slideshow suggests otherwise. These true stories of wedding proposals involve code development and computer know-how, showcasing some creatively geeky ways that computer-savvy guys won over their sweethearts (and tugged on our heartstrings). It’s pure inspiration for Valentine’s Day!


This creative code writer knew that his girlfriend’s favorite video game was Bejeweled. So he secretly coded the game (from scratch) and put it on her Nintendo DS. She was thrilled to discover her all-time favorite game and began to play. After she hit a certain score, the screen cleared and a pixelated ring appeared, cueing his proposal. The flabbergasted girl said yes, and her beau became a hero to gamers and code developers everywhere. Bonus points for getting an emerald-cut pink gem that looked like it belonged in the game!

Google Maps App

In this romantic scavenger hunt, a clever software engineer built a custom app for his sweetheart using Google Maps. He then selected a series of destinations based on locations that figure prominently in the couple’s courtship, and stationed a friend holding a rose at each destination. Following the predefined path, the woman went to the first location, collected the rose, and received password hints from the friend that enabled her to start the navigation to the next location. The engineer waited for her at the final destination, the lighthouse where they shared their second date, and proposed when she arrived.

iPhone App

This young man, who designs user interfaces, created an iPhone app for his girlfriend that also maps out a scavenger hunt. Called “Romantech,” the app displays a map with location points throughout San Francisco. The designer created a video for each location point with clues on where to go next. The dots on the map eventually formed a <3 symbol, which holds sentimental value for the tech-loving couple. At the final destination, he proposed. And just like in the movies, she said yes!

Google Street View

A true Silicon Valley geek, this Google employee had already proposed (dubbed Proposal 1.0), but decided that his simple proposal was due for an upgrade, so he created Proposal 2.0. He enlisted the help of his Google buddies and built a Google Street View panorama outside the company’s Mountain View offices. He held a sign that read “Proposal 2.0: Marry Me, Leslie!” and asked blog readers to email his fiancé and alert her to the upgraded proposal. Though not all upgrades are an improvement, this one was likely greeted with unbridled (!) enthusiasm.

Ask Jeeves

This oldie but goodie comes from 2005, when Ask Jeeves was still a viable search engine (Jeeves was forced into retirement a year later). Barry decided to propose to his longtime girlfriend, Yisha, but wanted to do something creative and new. So he contacted the Search Properties team at Ask Jeeves, who were only too happy to help. Barry had Yisha come to his office and type her name into Ask Jeeves (now known as Googling yourself), explaining that there was recent news coverage about her. When she did as he asked, his marriage proposal popped up as well as a photo of the couple. The rest, as they say, is search engine history.

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