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November 30, 2009 |

Aten Technology Launches 24- and 40-Port IP KVM Switches

IP KVM switches are bundled with IP management software and are aimed specifically at the SMB market.

Aten Technology Launches 24- and 40-Port IP KVM Switches

IP KVM switches are bundled with IP management software and are aimed specifically at the SMB market.

Aten Technology Inc. has launched IP KVM switches designed specifically for the SMB market.

The new 40-port CAT5 IP KVM is a KVM switch with built-in remote access functionality in a 1U-high configuration. The KN4140v enables one local and up to four remote operatoAten Technology IP KVM Switchrs to monitor and access an entire enterprise data center via the Internet. Through cascading, users can access and monitor as many as 640 servers–all from a single console.†

Also available is a 40-port model that offers one local and up to two remote users via the Internet.

In addition to the KN4140v, Aten also unveiled a 24-port IP KVM switch capable of accessing and monitoring up to 384 servers through cascading. The 24-port CAT5 IP KVM is a 1U-high KVM switch with remote access functionality that offers support for one local and up to four remote users via the Internet. A 24-port model supporting one local and up to two remote users via the Internet is also available.

The 24- and 40-port switches offer key differentiators, such as audio support, redundant power, local user interface/graphical OSD, panel array, and CAT5 cabling that supports distances up to 150 feet.

Aten says these IP KVM switches for the SMB market incorporate features based on customer requests, including “future-proofing with the addition of extra ports” and “virtual media, enabling users to remotely install software patches and upgrades to an entire data center.”

In addition, the products offer cross platform capabilities with serial, power, and KVM functionality all in one device.

The 24- and 40-Port CAT5 IP KVM units both support virtual media (file transfer functionality), dual power, audio transfer via TCP/IP, and dual on-board NICs (network interface cards). The switches also feature a panel array mode, enabling administrators to monitor up to 40 servers at once in a grid array.

Both units offer out-of-band access–including external modem support–for BIOS-level troubleshooting when a network is down.

Pre-installed on the 24- and 40-Port CAT5 IP KVM switches, the Control Center over the NET management software enables IT administrators to remotely monitor and control all installed devices through a single Web portal that is securely accessible anywhere, any time.

“As the number of servers in a typical SME data center grows exponentially, the ability to efficiently manage them has become paramount for IT administrators,” explains Sampson Yang, CEO of Aten Technology Inc. “We have addressed this issue by introducing powerful 24- and 40-port CAT5 KVM over the NET switches capable of managing an entire data center either on-site or remotely.” He adds, “These switches are ideal for small, medium, and large data centers and meet stringent requirements for remote administrators and remote authentication for LDAP, RADIUS, and Active Directory integrations.”

Available now, the units are backed by Aten Technology’s three-year warranty program and priced as follows:

  • KN4140v–$7,199.95
  • KN4124v–$5,999.95
  • KN2140v–$4,599.95
  • KN2124v–$4,099.95

Other highlights of the 24- and 40-port CAT5 IP KVM switches include:

  • Message Board–This enables any number of remotely logged users to exchange information and manage the installation.
  • Adapter ID–This enables IT administrators to re-locate servers to different ports without having to re-configure adapters and switches.
  • Mouse DynaSync–This feature eliminates mouse synchronization problems.
  • Video Resolution–In this case, 1600 x 1200 at 60 Hz.
  • Server Interface Support–USB, PS/2, Sun, and Serial.

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