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March 24, 2009 |

Doyenz Unveils Automated Virtual IT

New managed service for IT consultants leverages virtualization and cloud services to automate the delivery and management of IT infrastructure. By Vanessa Ho

Doyenz Unveils Automated Virtual IT

New managed service for IT consultants leverages virtualization and cloud services to automate the delivery and management of IT infrastructure.

By Vanessa Ho

Doyenz Inc., a provider of virtual appliance lifecycle management solutions for SMBs, has announced the availability of Doyenz Automated Virtual IT, a managed service for IT consultants that leverages virtualization and cloud services to automate the delivery and management of IT infrastructure.

Designed to improve the quality and efficiency of SMB IT, Doyenz provides a comprehensive SaaS platform that can be used to automatically configure and manage servers and desktops as virtual appliances. Automated Virtual IT is a hybrid solution that can be used to deploy virtual appliances either on-premise or in the cloud, allowing seamless migration from one to the other. The new solution offers business continuity and uptime to the SMB at a lower cost, and a new IT services delivery model with better profits to the IT consultant that serves them.

“[Automated Virtual IT] allows VARs and IT consultants to custom configure virtual appliances out of the box and provide an IT infrastructure for SMBs,” said Ashutosh Tiwary, CEO of Doyenz. “We are enabling the SMB and their IT consultants to create a more profitable and cost efficient business model for the IT consultant. We want customers to pay less for their IT and our partners to make more profits. We accomplish this by leveraging technologies like virtualization, automation and cloud services to make the delivery of IT cheaper, faster and better.”

The challenges facing SMB IT are well-known. Customers often have disparate systems with limited backup and disaster recovery. They rely on their IT consultant who operates in a break-fix model and struggles to provide high-quality service without appropriate tools and technology. Today’s economy exacerbates these challenges as the SMB looks to reduce costs yet increase levels of service, making it even more difficult for the IT consultant to sustain or grow his profits and customer base.

Doyenz Automated Virtual IT addresses these SMB challenges by enabling IT consultants to leverage automation, virtualization and cloud services to remotely configure, test, deploy and manage their customers’ servers as virtual appliances. The Automated Virtual IT managed service capabilities include automated creation and deployment of new servers with best practices; a virtual test-lab with the latest copy of the production server for testing, e.g., patches and upgrades, and performing complex operations such as migrations with limited or no production downtime; remote monitoring and management of Tier 1 alerts; and an automated off-site disaster recovery with local fail-over on premises or in the cloud. While Doyenz does not host the customer’s production environment, the Doyenz generated virtual appliances can run either on the customer premises, or hosted in the cloud, providing the bridge necessary for the SMB to migrate safely to the newest technologies and take advantage of enterprise-class tools.

Built on the Doyenz Automated Virtual IT Platform, the Doyenz Automated Virtual IT service is an affordable SaaS subscription offering that requires no hardware or software investment, allowing IT consultants to build a recurring repeatable revenue stream and grow their profits, while lowering costs and improving service to their SMB customers, said Craig Blessing, vice-president of channel programs with Doyenz. The only thing a partner needs to manage the solution is a web browser.

“It is a low cost entry point into offering managed services,” said Blessing.

He added to prepare partners for Automated Virtual IT, Doyenz will be providing them with co-branded tools to help them sell the product and take advantage of virtualization. In addition, Doyenz will be offering free hands-on training labs that will run through all of the features of Automated Virtual IT as well as teaching partners how to implement and deploy it.

“The learning curve is low as we are allowing them to leverage the Microsoft expertise they already have,” Blessing explained. “They already know how to do things with a Windows 2003 Server so we are leveraging that through our SaaS application.”

Automated Virtual IT is available now through Doyenz’s value-added resellers. Pricing is suggested at $199 a month for a server under management and includes disaster recovery, local failover and a test environment in the cloud.

This story was originally published in eChannelLine (

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