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Wasp Introduces Fixed Asset Tracking Solutions for IT and Schools

Compatible with iOS and Android devices, MobileAsset v7 and MobileAsset.EDU enable businesses or education institutions to track assets on-the-go from any location. By ChannelPro

Wasp Barcode Technologies, a provider of small business productivity solutions, has released the MobileAsset v7 and MobileAsset.EDU fixed asset tracking solutions for business or educational institutions.

MobileAsset v7 boasts an easy-to-use interface, with a customizable dashboard, designed to meet the needs of small businesses, departments within large enterprises, government agencies, and healthcare organizations.

"Even small businesses are functioning under the premise that information needs to be readily available and up-to-date, which is why our new solution can sync anywhere in real-time," says Brian Sutter, director of marketing, Wasp Barcode Technologies. "Our customer's number one request has been smartphone and tablet compatibility, so we designed a solution that works across all devices for real-time asset tracking, while remaining an affordable solution for businesses of all sizes."

MobileAsset.EDU, designed to track assets purchased with grants, allows users to audit purchased assets for accurate information regarding current and available funds for each grant or funding source. In addition, the asset tracking system provides maintenance schedules, so each asset is updated to the standards set via grant agreements.

"Wasp's MobileAsset.EDU offers educational institutions a tracking solution for their grant and funding sources, allowing schools to create timely audits and review updated maintenance reports," says Jason Sentell, product marketing manager, Wasp Barcode Technologies. "With our solution, we can help schools better monitor critical funding information, saving them time and money on a task that has previously bogged down administration."

MobileAsset v7 and MobileAsset.EDU features include:

  • iPhone, iPad and Android compatibility for tablets and smartphones
  • Fund tracking
  • SyncAnywhere (iPsync, through wired and wireless connections on the network)
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Image and signature capture from mobile device
  • Active Directory Integration
  • Proactive email alerts

The MobileAsset.EDU edition is available in two options, Professional and Enterprise, while the MobileAsset v7 is available in three editions: Standard, Professional, and Enterprise. For more information, visit:

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