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LG Shows Off 23-inch Touch Monitor for Windows 8

The new Touch 10 monitor allows all 10 fingers to be used simultaneously. By Rachel Cericola

Last Friday, Microsoft launched Windows 8, which includes a slew of new gesture control features. It also means that there are millions of Windows users out there right now, looking to smudge up some PC screens!

Of course, you can't just start touching your existing computer screen and expect it to be compatible. That's why LG is introducing the Touch 10 ET83 monitor. This new option provides access to all of those awesome touch features, without going the all-in-one route. It also means that you can have the touchable screen, without having to upgrade your entire PC setup.

Designed for use with Windows 8, the Touch 10 is a 23-inch monitor that goes beyond the “two-finger dragging” technique, which is pretty common on today's smartphones and tablets. Instead, it allows users to get all 10 digits into the act, to drag and rotate multiple items simultaneously.

This monitor is small, but it's also very pretty, thanks to an In-Plane Switching (IPS) panel and a 1920-by-1080 resolution. Other features include an on-screen keyboard, support for a capacitive stylus (sold separately), and options for plenty of touch-friendly apps via the Windows Store.

“This is a compelling new product that re-imagines the touch experience and shows that LG is an industry leader in developing the next generation of touch monitor products,” said J.J. Lee, executive VP and head of LG's IT business unit. “Smartphones and tablets have already proven that consumers are ready to fully embrace touch features. Our 10-point touchscreen takes it one step further by exponentially expanding the range of interactive possibilities. We believe this technology will excite and inspire software developers and users alike.”

There's no word on when the 23-inch Touch 10 will start selling in the U.S. and for how much. However, the company plans to make this monitor available to Korean audiences first, starting next month. Europe and other markets are expected to follow soon.

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