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ForeScout Plans for BYOD Monitoring Add-On

The network security company announces 2014 release of CounterACT RemoteControl, a mobile-minded extension for its network access control solution. By ChannelPro

Network security specialist ForeScout Technologies Inc. has revealed plans for a monitoring solution that will provide its CounterACT platform users with an integrated means of monitoring mobile devices and enforcing security policies.

Called CounterACT RemoteControl, the solution will “bolster endpoint security for devices both on and off the network,” according to a ForeScout press release submitted to ChannelPro-SMB. For current users of the CounterACT platform, RemoteControl provides visibility into corporate-issued mobile devices. 

“By leveraging ForeScout CounterACT, IT can close mobile-device blind spots,” says ForeScout CEO Gord Boyce. “Customers also have concerns about their visibility and security over remote users and devices. The upcoming CounterACT RemoteControl capability enables us to address these risks and deliver on our promise of pervasive network security.”

Benefits of CounterACT RemoteControl
The forthcoming ForeScout CounterACT RemoteControl solutions is designed to enable a unified view and uniform policy to be applied to corporate and enrolled-BYOD assets on or connected to the corporate network as well as those operating outside the corporate network and in the cloud.

Among the benefits touted by ForeScout are:

  • Policy Enforcement — A single set of endpoint compliance policies can be automatically and appropriately applied to devices both on and off the corporate network.
  • Security Standards Monitoring — Uniform methodologies for tracking adherence to and facilitating mitigation of violations and exposures.
  • Cost Savings — Reductions in costs associated with host-based security issues and related remote user help desk calls.
  • Improved User Experience — Granular settings enable flexible policies.

CounterACT Integration
The ForeScout CounterACT platform is a network access control solution offered as an appliance or as a virtual appliance. As part of the broader ControlFabric architecture, CounterACT enables SMBs and channel pros to exchange information and resolve a network, security, and operational issues.

Mid-2014, ForeScout says it intends to offer the CounterACT RemoteControl capability as a downloadable software option that will be available to ForeScout customers under active maintenance at no additional charge.

The option would transform a new or existing CounterACT into a CounterACT RemoteControl appliance. This RemoteControl appliance is placed outside the corporate network in a corporate DMZ and is administered through the CounterACT Enterprise Manager. A ForeScout SecureConnector client for PCs is used to monitor and enforce policy and remediate issues on the remote device as well as communicate with the RemoteControl appliance.


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