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BiiSafe Can Turn iOS and Android Devices into a Security System

The BiiSafe 2.0 app is available now and can double as a personal safety device. By Admin

Almost every single electronic device or system has an app component these days. Companies are always looking for new ways to turn that familiar device into a control option. Now it looks as though there's another way to multitask your favorite portable: by making it into a security system.

A company name BiiSafe just launched BiiSafe 2.0, an app that turns your iOS and Android devices into an option for home security.

Users can set up that portable to recognize fire and burglary alarms, as well as send notifications. It can even send a message when your home loses power.

Of course, you have to leave your device at home to monitor such things. If you opt to take that portable with you, BiiSafe can double as a “personal safety device.” That basically means you can be tracked via GPS or send notices to others when you're on the move.

“We wanted to make a versatile security solution that could be used for home security and personal safety and that is affordable to anyone,” says Jouni Suutarinen, CEO of BiiSafe. “Traditionally a home security system can be quite expensive and you need different devices or software for different purposes. The BiiSafe app combines typically separate devices and software into one affordable package. And you can try it for free.”

Apparently, you can also keep it for free. BiiSafe offers a free option for up to two devices. That includes detection alarms, photos, and more. There are also Basic and Premium packages, which offer additional devices, location monitoring, remote monitoring control, and more. BiiSafe offers a free one-month trial for each of those. After that, expect to pay between $1.99 and $3.99 per month.

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