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Companies Are Not Built Just on Super Stars

It is an age old cliché I hear all the time; I only want to hire the top 10%.   Well, why would anyone NOT want to hire only the top 10%?  Problem is, only the top 10% actually exist.  So what is happening with the “bottom 90%”? Every now and then I joke with my […]

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15 Top-Paying IT Certifications for 2016

Everyone wants to know; both employers and employees.  What are the top paying certifications in the IT industry? One answer comes from Global Knowledge, in their recently released 15 Top-Paying Certifications for 2016 survey. Their survey was conducted in late 2015, and released in 2016. 2016 Top 15 Paying IT Certifications: AWS Certified Solutions Architect – […]

Top Onboarding Best Practices

Over the years, VAR Staffing has had the pleasure and privilege of observing some interesting and effective practices of on-boarding new employees.   While every firm is unique in so many different ways, there are equally important commonalities to improve the experience of bringing a new employee onboard.  We thought you might enjoy seeing what some […]

IT Nation 2015 ”State of the IT Channel Talent Market” survey results.

VAR Staffing attended ConnectWise’s IT Nation 2015 user conference in Orlando this past November.  It was a great show, the most attended in the history of IT Nation. At the show, we conducted a short 10 question ”State of the IT Channel Talent Market” survey focusing on critical skills, desired certifications, and company service offerings […]


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